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Pinterest is an amazing tool which many of us, having now curbed the “spending hours pinning ideas” syndrome, are able to actually accomplish some of what we have been pinning. However, whether by poor instructions, bad information, or user error, sometimes we finish some projects and wonder what in the world went wrong along the way?!

Even my own kids have had their own project “flops”. After showing them many, many pictures of the Pinterest NAILED IT posts, they’ve now taken to saying “NAILED IT!” if they mess something up, in an effort to turn it light-hearted and dissolve their frustration. It’s quite a good tactic actually, and it always ends with everyone laughing instead of in tears.

I’m sure we have all participated in a few projects that haven’t quite made the cut. And I’m sure some of them were imperative to whatever big event was happening and we left it last minute to tackle, figuring “What could possibly go wrong?” and we found out fairly quickly things aren’t always as they seem. There are HEAPS of Pinterest Flops boards out there, so you are not alone!

If you haven’t already seen the site Pinterest Fail, check it out! At the very least you’ll know what ideas to avoid wasting time on. And on that note, here are some of my own Pinterest Flops – followed by some very successful projects!

1. Pineapple Flowers . These were so pretty and easy looking. Well, maybe because my slices were too thick in some spots, they burned or just stayed soggy. So they looked OK, but definitely not like the photo!

Pinapple flowers

2. Apple Chip Wreath – This one was quite a lovely finished project. I did NOT use the wire, I glued the apples right one. But alas, they got soggy when it rained and eventually mouldy, so that was the end of that one!

apple chip wreath

3. Caramelized sugary almonds and walnuts. I have no idea what went wrong here. But the sugar mixture baked in chunks and did NOT coat the nuts at all! It was still yummy, but definitely not right.

sugar nuts

4. Coconut flour pancakes. When we did our partial-Paleo stint last April, I tried a number of different “pancake” recipes. One was a coconut flour one. Coconut flour aborbs moistures faster than a sponge! And the recipe I used for the pancakes – well, this was the result! Not very appetizing looking nor tasting :p

failed coconut flour pancakes

5. Chocolate dipped cupcake pops.

chocolate dipped cupcake popsYeah. I don’t think they were even yummy. Those people who make the perfectly shaped cupcake pops, seemingly without the special tools? They’re lying, or cheating, or maybe just cake pop fairies. It’s HARD!

Ok, that’s depressing. Now on to some Pinterest projects that were actually VERY successful!

1. GF/Paleo Free (mostly) Chocolate Castle Cake

chocolate castle cake

This one was a quick, last-minute save as my “icing” nearly poured itself right off the cake, but ended up solidifying enough to “attach” the outer wall dressings. This was fun!

2. Glittery Lightbulbs. YES! And it was EASY!

glittery lightbulbs

3. Leaf Canvas Art.

final leaf canvas

This one had been on my board for a while and I finally tackled it last year. Love the results!

4. Tea Wreath. This one was given as a Christmas gift one year to my mom and mother-in-law. And they loved it!

tea wreath 2

5. Beach Tote Bag.

beach bag success

I’ve made this one twice, once for myself, and once for my sister-in-law I still have material for a third. And I LOVED this project!

One more bonus Flip and Flop. I tried the twine-wrapped fruit idea but could NOT get the twine to stay put anywhere on the pear. So I spray painted my pears silver instead, and wrapped foam eggs in baker’s twine.

easter eggs twine and spray painted pears

It’s a bit time-consuming, but the end result was very pretty! Phew, saved that one :D

What are your best Pinterest Flips and Flops?

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