Just about 3 weeks ago, the seventh member of the #MireckiZoo made his entrance into the world! Introducing……

Luke Everett Mirecki!

Luke Everett

Moments after he was born the consensus from both our moms (who attended the birth) and the rest of the extended family (yes, we sent pictures right away through Facebook messenger!) was that he looks JUST like his big brother, JJ. Upon further investigation and comparison to baby pictures, he definitely also looks more like his momma – and of course, I’m thrilled since the dad genes are super strong in everyone else, but we I’m sure we’ll see him continue to change.

Mother and child

For now, he has darker hair (and the most any of our babies have had!) and blue eyes.

(Just moments after birth)
Little Luke

Labour took it’s time getting going with this little monkey – I had strong braxton hicks contractions off and on Sunday night, but then they stopped, so we went about our business attending our Classical Conversations homeschool group on the Monday. Monday night again I was having contractions and as they were real ones, my mom came and stayed overnight in case I went into labour. We called the midwife at 4:30 in the morning as they were about 5-7 minutes apart but not increasing in intensity. She advised I go back to sleep and as I did, nothing else happened. It was rather frustrating!

Finally, on Wednesday morning I saw my midwife in the office. While I was there my contractions were about 10-12 minutes apart, and I could still breathe and talk through them. I was frustrated at how things were NOT going (I’ve always gone right into labour with my other babies, no fudging around beforehand!) but she calmed me down and relaxed me so I wasn’t feeling so stressed. I hung out in the midwife office with my sister in law (she had an appointment right after me and was due the day before me!) and by the time I’d left an hour later, my contractions were 5 minutes. 15 minutes later, at home, we were looking at a solid 2-3 minutes apart. The Man nearly went to get his hair cut, but we realized how serious things were getting, so we called his mom and my mom to get to the hospital, left the kids with the piano teacher (my father in law was en route to our house) and high-tailed it to the hospital.

I wasn’t as far along as they would have liked to have seen me progressing for having my 5th baby, but we laboured for about 4-5 hours before they decided to break my water. 25 minutes later the secondary midwife hadn’t yet arrived and my primary was calling for the nurse because this baby was comin’!

At 8:54 PM on Wednesday, November 9th (3 days early!), #LukieetheWookiee was born! 7 lbs, 5 oz, 18.5 inches long. And already so loved!

Father and son

Proud Grandma and Nana

He’s joining a family of 15 aunts and uncles, 16 cousins (and another one on the way!) and 4 brothers and sisters.

#Hercuteness and #LukieetheWookiee

And boy do those brothers and sisters just adore him! They’re constantly asking to hold him and many times I’ll come into the room and just find them staring lovingly into his face. These are such precious moments they’re sharing.

Adoring older siblings

Luke is a very chill baby, probably the most chill out of all our babies, and he rarely cries unless he’s hungry/needs a change.



We are so blessed to have him a part of our family!

Baby boy

(Photos by Catch the Light Photography)

Photo by Catch the Light https://www.facebook.com/mississaugaphotographer/

Mother and son

Little feet

Precious little baby

(Luke was finally joined by his baby cousin, Iris, 6 days later! That makes 17 grandchildren for the Mirecki side!)

Iris and Luke