It’s no secret we love books around here. Our library basket is regularly overflowing onto the couch/floor/table (but ouch, the late fees! :D), and we have many bookshelves chock full of our favourite books.

We take reading seriously around here, and even moreso providing good, quality books for our kids to read. There are so many recommended books out there, but many of them aren’t appropriate reading material, or contain a lot of questionable “facts” – especially in the realm of science and creation.

With all of our kids big into science and animals, we love finding great, Biblical creation based books for them to read and enjoy. While we do teach them and want them to understand the fallacies of evolution (thanks to our fantastic science curriculum and many, MANY audio adventures with Jonathan Park), we want them to know even better the truth of what God teaches us about his creation.

Many of the best books we’ve found for Biblical creation based teaching on everything about our world are from New Leaf Publishing Group, and our newest book from them is all about animals in the bible.

44 Animals of the Bible 

by Nancy Pelander Johnson

44 Animals of the Bible

44 Animals of the Bible  covers animals mentioned in the God’s word – learn where they are mentioned, what was significant about them, their uses or jobs, and how they were symbolic.

My favourite is the eagle – a strong, brave and swift bird that can fly at very high altitudes, builds nests in high places, and is often a symbol of faith.

Animals of the Bible - eagle

The pictures throughout the book are beautiful, hand-painted watercolors loaded with details.

I think you’ll also find it interesting that some creatures with a bit of mystery surrounding them are included in the book. While there aren’t any dinosaurs, there is a unicorn – but you’ll have to get the book (here on Amazon in Canada) and read it yourself to discover just which animal in God’s great creation it really is!

Animals of the Bible - unicorn

What are some of the best books you’ve read on God’s creation?


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