#DRESSEMBER for Nursing Moms

Taking a stand in the fight against human trafficking


December has finally (already?!) arrived, and I’m incredibly excited about participating in #Dressember once again. This will be my third year in this challenge to raise awareness and funds for the fight against human trafficking, and my most difficult year yet. Just 6 days in and it’s already a struggle. Almost a month ago now, we had baby number 5 (yeah, he’s that handsome lad in the pic up there)! So that means I’m also dealing with two additional challenges this #Dressember2016 – 1) I’m not my normal body shape, and 2) I’m a nursing mom and dresses aren’t the easiest thing to nurse in!

But I’m not one to shy away from difficult things, especially when in this case the difficulties bring to the forefont of my mind constantly the reason for why I’m doing this. It’s not about me, it’s not about a dress, but it’s about the thousands of lives who can and would be changed if we take a stand in the fight against human trafficking. And that’s exactly why #Dressember is such a great challenge! You get out of your comfort zone and have the chance to impact someone’s life in a way that is literally LIFE CHANGING. (To learn more about #Dressember, check out my team page DRESS 4 Justice, Love, Mercy.)

So how does a nursing mom participate in a month-long challenge of wearing a dress every day?! Have no fear, I’ve done the hard part for you and I have lots of ideas and suggestions to hopefully help you out along the way!

Thrift and Shop the Closet (your friend’s closet that is!)

shop the closet

First of all, you obviously don’t want to spend a lot of money to participate in #Dressember (it kind of defeats the purpose!). But if you aren’t your normal pre-pregnancy size just yet, it can present a few problems. That’s where the thrift store comes in handy. Check out their racks for discounted items that will fit your changing body shape. Also, ask friends if they would support you by lending you a nursing-friendly dress or another that would fit just for the month of December (thanks to all of my friends who have shown such amazing support in lending me dresses for this month!). Talk about a quick and easy way to add variety!

Utilize Different Season Dresses

Dressember girls

(Dressember a few years ago with my #Keekers!)

Before I began #Dressember, most of the dresses in my closet were for spring or summer. And since half of my babies are spring babies, I have a number of dresses that worked for that season. I can still make them work for winter though, simply by adding a cardigan and scarf, leggings or even jeans. (Check out my post on How to do Dressember and Cold Weather.)

Look for Nursing Friendly Dresses

You don’t necessarily have to buy a nursing dress in order to nurse your baby in a dress. From what I’ve seen, the material of most budget friendly nursing dresses isn’t fantastic quality, so unless you absolutely have to buy a nursing dress, stick with these other options. That way you can still easily wear them after you’ve weaned your little one.

There are MANY button down, shirt dresses out there right now that are totally suitable for nursing in (the following options are from companies with ethical manufacturing practices).





Stretchy jersey, cross-over front dresses provide quick nursing access and are forgiving to the mama body.



The Dressember wrap dress from Elegantees is a perfect example, and the founder Katie assured me it has great nursing access!


Buy a Nursing Dress

We’re typically up to our eyeballs in December with Christmas parties and events, so sometimes purchasing a new dress is just something that has to be done. If you do want or need to get a new nursing dress, be sure to check out these options from these companies who are fair trade and ethical or seeking to be transparent in their manufacturing:

Latch Dress Co.




Top Shop


Japanese Weekend – Made in the USA



PinkBlush Maternity and Nursing – Made in the USA


Nursing Accessories to Assist in the #Dressember Challenge

I have MANY (and I do mean a plethora!) of the Undercover Mama nursing tank tops. They attach to your nursing bra and allow you to have quick access for baby to feed.

Muslin wraps make for great nursing covers and baby blankets that aren’t too warm (for you and baby) if you’re bringing them along with you to your Christmas events. (I have a few but love my aden + anais Silky Soft Swaddles the most!)

Cardigans of all shapes and sizes make the dresses go the distance! I find when I’m nursing I’m hot ALL.THE.TIME so being able to wear a short sleeve dress under a cardigan allows me more versatility.

Scarves – I found most stretchy, jersey dresses (nursing or not) fit too low for my liking when I’m nursing, so having a scarf to cover up the top is extremely helpful.

If you’d like to join me in the #Dressember challenge, there’s still time to jump on board! It’s never too late to make a difference. If you can’t join our team, would you consider making a donation? Even $5 multiplied over hundreds of people giving makes an enormous difference!