We’re BAAAAAACK! It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve invaded this space on the internet, but I’ve been patiently waiting for the right time to jump back into writing.

What To Expect from Serving From Home

Over time, and as most bloggers will tell you, I’ve felt differently about writing and sharing on the web. At times I’ve been really excited, ideas reeling through my brain, my hand unable to write them down fast enough. Other times, the busy stages of life caught up to me and I dreaded “having” to write a post, just for the sake of writing something and keeping the space alive. I determined then that I would never again write because I HAVE to – because for me, that’s a really good way to kill the joy of it all.

My goal is to share as the Lord leads, with things we’re going through as a family, issues he’s laid on my heart, or areas I’m where I’m being challenged and growing and want to encourage you.

Just a heads up, I’m making no promises for how consistently we’ll be here as life with homeschooling 5 children from ages 2-13 is more than a full time job. It may mean there will be some extended radio silence for a while. It may mean you’ll get a lot of posts in a row. But one thing it does mean for sure is that I’m excited to be back here periodically to encourage and share what we’re up to.

Mirecki Zoo Family Update

In the spirit of recapping briefly, here’s a quick update on our family:

The Boy – 13 years old


So many years later he is still very interested in science, specifically marine animals. He and JJ signed up for baseball this year (and their team is doing AMAZING! They finished the regular season in first place and have won their first 2 games in the tournament so far) and they’re both working on Rubiks cube solving strategies over the summer. He’s finally hit a major growth spurt, reaching 5 feet 4.5 inches!

JJ – 11.5 years old

Our feisty, energetic, Spiderman! (Yes, he was almost literally climbing the walls on the ledge down to the basement yesterday :D) He will still climb on, up and over pretty well anything. He wants to take a ride in an airplane and go to outer space this summer (I think we will need to visit a carnival and museum to get those ones checked off the list!). He’s hoping to be able to learn to code with Minecraft and Microsoft before school starts.

Keekers – 9.5 years old

She’s our spunky, hilarious girl and has been a huge help as a big sister/little mother with her baby brother. She’s not playing any sports this year but is really interested in playing soccer next year and happily cheers her brothers on at their games.

#Hercuteness – 5.5 years old

She is a SPITFIRE! We’ve learned as we get older and have had more kids that you become more relaxed with the younger ones, and in many instances, lazy. Which translates to them giving you quite a run for your money! But we love her all the same, and pray God uses her determination and stubbornness for his glory. She’s always in the kitchen asking me if she can help with something or wanting to help make coffee.


Finally, our little bookend, who isn’t so little anymore! He is 21 months old and he’s the cutest, craziest, cookie-est kiddo yet. He still loves to snuggle at bedtime (and a song!) and pretty much skipped all the baby toys, going straight to playing with cars and blocks. He’s been a good boy, though he keeps us on our toes with his busyness, but is also quite content to be playing by himself or with a sibling.

The Man and I were incredibly blessed to take a 10 day trip to Europe which was absolutely breathtaking and relaxing.

We still had moments where we were quite busy (when you end in a city like Paris, it’s inevitable!), but overall the trip was just what we needed after a very busy school year.

You can check out more photos from our trip on my Instagram account.

Follow along with us there on the remainder of our summer adventures with #mireckizoosummer18 !

Welp, that’s all for now, folks! We’re off to get in some swimming with friends and prep for a big baseball tournament game tonight. Go Jays Go!