Welcome to Serving From Home!

Serving From Home began in 2008 as a way to record and keep track of my recipes. As I got involved in the Hello Mornings Bible study group, I felt God calling me to use this space for His glory. Through encouragement from others, I began to share my heart on what God had been teaching me through His Word.

I am passionate about helping moms realize they are the best mom for their kids and that it’s OK to take time to slow down and savour the snuggles. I try to be real about my challenges and struggles, because I want you to know you’re not alone!

Follow along and learn about faith-filled and fun resources and discover ideas on how to homeschool without breaking the bank. See how you can get your kids involved in every realm of your home; through chores, bible study, helping in the kitchen, being creative (and this from someone who hates glitter, glue and making messes!) and becoming good stewards of the abilities and blessings God has given to us. Plus, check out the Home & Fashion section for crafts and DIY projects, homemaking tips, and fun ideas for getting out of the SAHM-clothing rut.

A little about us…

I grew up homeschooled (the oldest of 4 kids) and I loved every moment of it (except for a phase around 9th grade when I wanted to go to high school)! Now that I am homeschooling my own children, I more fully understand and appreciate the sacrifice that my parents made in order to bring us up this way, and I’m grateful for their decision.

Being homeschooled provided opportunities to learn outside of a “normal” classroom environment. I started my own house cleaning business with my sister, worked and traveled as a nanny to Italy and Barbados, and attended a Bible and outdoor adventure school in New Zealand for 6 months.

Fun fact: I used to be a tomboy and hated everything and anything pink or “girly”. That slowly began to change when, at almost 17, I met The Man I would eventually marry.[/two_third_last]

[two_third]Who’s “The Man”?
This guy started out as a “frenemy”, then became my best friend (but still “just a friend”), and then the love of my life. He proposed after my first year of university, and we were married at the ripe young age of 20 and 23.

He’s one of 8 kids, a second-generation homeschool dad, self-taught computer genius, compassionate and humble guy who LOVES Nacho Libre (with a side of nacho supreme) and downhill skiing. He assists with running a business where he contributes his technical and management expertise; he tells me, at least weekly, that he LOVES his job![/two_third]



“The Boy”
After being married a year and 3 months, in April 2005, we welcomed our first son.

He’s the spitting image of his daddy’s whole family (strong genes over there!) and our “in the box”, everything done by-the-book, perfectionist thinker and doer. He loves Lego, and only books more than that!

A little over 20 months later, in 2007, The Boy was joined by his younger brother.

The dark-haired one, and the ONLY who has colouring like his momma (I thought dark genes were supposed to be dominant?). He’s the most passionate and energetic of the bunch, always on the go and comes standard with 2 settings: fast and loud, or asleep. He will never pass up an opportunity to play outside or help mom in the kitchen.

Since we were on a roll, 26 months later, in March of 2009, our first little lady made her appearance.

She’s also the spitting image of daddy’s family. I seem to be losing out in the gene pool. She’s spunky and tough, yet still very girly and compassionate, and she loves dresses and dressing up, making coffee for daddy, colouring and “playing” with her sister.

“Miss E” / #hercuteness
Having reached the tipping point of being out numbered 3-2, we thought it might be wise to take a breather and really enjoy some time with our kids. Then, in December 2013, God blessed us with another daughter.

And, you guessed it, another one that looks like daddy. Our little strawberry blonde, feisty yet snuggly book-lover, the worst sleeper of all 4 kids; with her we probably learned the most how to let certain things go. She loves her daddy and cats (uh oh) and is not a fan of food unless it’s on someone else’s plate![/one_fourth_last]