I am so excited to be participating in the #Dressember campaign again this year! Dressember is a one month long initiative to raise awareness and funds for International Justice Mission and A21 Campaign.

Dressember 2015 from Dressember on Vimeo.

Both of these amazing organizations are committed to bringing to light the issues of modern day slavery and oppression that are occurring across the globe. Men, women and children in Latin America, Asia, Africa, India and many other countries (including your own backyard) are currently experiencing oppression in the form of sex trafficking, forced labour slavery, sexual violence, property grabbing, police abuse of power and hill tribe citizenship. A lot of it can be prevented by identifying the source of the corruption, lack of resources, and lack of good will in the justice system in these countries.

For the month of December, I’m committing to DRESS 4 Justice, Love and Mercy because I believe in everyday advocacy for those who otherwise wouldn’t have a voice. WE can be the voice for them, because we know that our voices matter, and we can help change the world. Check out my team fundraising page for more details!

Dress Radically to Eradicate Slavery & Social Injustice

Now, I live in the Great White North. Yes, that would be Canada. And typically, that means that our winters are very cold and we have loads and loads of snow (though this year our temps have been quite mild and it’s beginning to look like we’ll have a tropical Christmas!).

You’d think all the coldness would be a deterrent to wearing dresses through the month of December. But actually, it’s really quite a fun challenge! If you are sitting on the fence about the idea of cold weather and Dressember, here are some basic things you need to help you succeed and stay warm.

5 Things To Help You Do

Dressember and Cold Weather

Dressember and cold weather

A comfy and warm dress.

Elegantees Dressember dress

For the first time this year there’s a #Dressemberdress ! Dressember has partnered with my favourite clothing company, Elegantees, to design a dress specifically for the Dressember gals. I got a sneak peak of it when I met with Elegantees’ founder, Katie, while I was in New York City, and it is gorgeous! There aren’t many left, so be sure to order yours now!

If you can’t get your hands on a #Dressemberdress, Elegantees has many beautiful and versatile dress options. Not only are they comfortable, but the fabric is just the right thickness to add a little extra warmth (and every purchase supports the sewing centre in Nepal where the goal is to reduce vulnerability to trafficking by providing women with jobs). If you decide to order, be sure to use code SERVINGFROMHOME for 10% off.

Just as a little side note of encouragement – if you don’t own a lot of dresses, get some girls to go in on Dressember with you. Start up a team {or join mine!} and share your dresses! That way you can all get in on the fun without having to make an added investment in more clothing. 



Wear Pact leggings

Yes, you can wear leggings with a dress! This is probably the KEY to keeping warm in the cold weather! Get a good, quality pair of leggings from PACT or Maggie’s Organics – both companies are fair trade and socially conscious, and their leggings are comfortable and great quality.

Cozy socks

Mitscoots Sam

If your feet are warm, the rest of your body should follow suit! Get yourself into some cozy wool socks and you’re bound to feel nice and toasty. My favourites are Maggie’s Organics, Mitscoots (the Natalia knee socks look amazing with boots!) and Patagonia merino wool socks.


Dressember boots

#Allthecardigans . Cardigans are where it’s at! Seriously, Dressember helps to put all my favourite clothing items together into one amazing cause-benefitting challenge! There are so many options for cardigans out there, and you don’t have to buy new. Check your thrift stores, online classifieds, your sister’s/friend’s closet.

For some fantastic, quality fair trade cardigans check out Everlane, SlumLoveAltar’d State and Grace & Lace‘s wraps and cardigans.

A sense of adventure and accomplishment


Whenever we are taking on a new challenge it’s important for us to have physical tools in our hands. But besides that, a sense of adventure and a realization that what we are doing is impacting the lives of many. That is a definite necessity to help us git ‘er done.

So if you’re coming along with us in this challenge, don’t forget to dress yourself each day in your comfy dress and leggings, cozy socks and cardigan, standing dauntless and unafraid as you fight back against slavery (and the cold :D).

Oh, and you might want to include some warm boots on those feet ;0)