Over the past few months, I have been investigating ideas and unit studies for some hands-on science for our family. Though we love our current science curriculum, our kids love getting their hands dirty (what kids don’t really?!) and discovering scientific facts while doing so. The problem I was having was finding something that a) wasn’t going to take a lot of time to research and prepare, and b) would come from a Christian perspective.

Enter: Water & Weather, From the Flood to Forecasts

Water and Weather Master Books

Water & Weather is an investigative science book in a series from Master Books. Each part of the book includes an investigation into water and our world, from fossils (and dating), to the water cycle, to weather systems and forecasts. Simply put, it’s phenomenal!


From one section to the next it builds on concepts learned in the previous investigation.


You will do a couple experiments, all with things mostly available around the house. These are the framework of understanding the lesson.

Then you’ll hit a home-run with the “science stuff” as they explain how it all works in our world.


We dove in to explore the water cycle and learned about evaporation and condensation. I got very excited once we had done the experiments and started reading through the scientific explanation (which is VERY understandable for children AND adults :D). It was all falling into place with the visuals and making so much sense.


It makes so much sense, it’s fun AND hands-on science learning from a Christian perspective. What more could you want?


I’m glad you asked, because at the end of each lesson there’s a reflection section. What did you learn? Asking questions about the process and the science, to help bring about a full understanding.

This book is only just the beginning of the great series on creation science. Learn about the universe, matter, motion, energy, and so much more!

In Canada, you can find them on Amazon, or buy directly from New Leaf Publishing.

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