This past week has been an interesting one. We had a long but enjoyable Easter weekend with 4 services (3 of which I was singing in the choir), chest colds cropping up after a bunch of late nights for the girls, a lice scare (no worries, we’re all clean!), ant invasion, birthday for The Boy who turned 9, and an In Real Life mini conference I am hosting Saturday afternoon with a friend of mine – right after we run our 10 k :D
Happy Birthday to The Boy
With so much to prepare and a full school schedule, you can bet each morning was spent in prayer, asking God for his mercy and grace to get through the days. Fortunately we started the week off with a school-free day which allowed us to get some things back on track at the house and tackle errands. And no matter the struggles throughout the week, God is always faithful and he gives grace and mercy to those who seek it. And praise God, we have had pretty decent days all around! And some very sweet moments like this :0)
photo (58)

Somehow with everything going on this week, I managed to still complete part of the monthly Bold Year Challenge – this one was on getting back to the old way of doing things. I’ve had sewing projects piled on my table for at least a year, and a bunch of ideas on Pinterest I’ve been wanting to work on, but just hadn’t gotten going on it. This was the perfect push forward I needed!

2 pillows down, 1 dress finished and 1 to go (except I broke my needle :D).

Dresses and pillows

That’s all for now, just a couple links for your weekend to enjoy!


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