canvas art project spring

Canvas art projects are so much fun for kids to do, and the end results always make fantastic, memorable gifts. Thankfully, our dollar store is always stocked with multiple sizes of canvases so we don’t have to break the bank when the kids get an inspiration.

We have worked on a few different canvas art projects for Spring (and Easter). They’re all very easy and the end results are totally displayable.

Crayon Resist Watercolor Canvas

Crayon Resist Watercolor Canvas Art
This one is my favourite, just because I love working with watercolors (though I haven’t done it very often). On a small canvas, write whatever words or phrase you want displayed, in a white crayon or pastel.

crayon resist canvas art


Make sure you get the edges of the words as solid as possible (or the watercolor will bleed through). I had to go over this a few times more.

canvas watercolor art

Paint lightly over the canvas with your watercolor of choice. Try to avoid painting over the words as the paint will ball up on the pastel/crayon oils. As you can see, I didn’t pay attention to this before painting :D If it does look like this, just use a paper towel to blot it out.

Let your canvas dry and put on display.


Canvas “Remember” Art

Easter Remember Canvas Art

This one is in our Sense of the Resurrection Easter study, but the project is also available online from OhAmanda. Paint a large canvas the desired color. Print a rooster template and cut out of scrapbook paper. Mod podge the rooster on top. Add foam sticker words “Remember”, or paint the words on before you mod podge (if you have a steady hand :D).

Canvas Easter Decor Art Projects

Easter canvas art

We did these last year for Easter, and I love putting them up on display again this year! Choose foam letter stickers for your words and place on the canvas. Paint over top. When the paint is dry, peel the stickers off. Done!

Spring Mantle Canvas Decor

Spring Mantle Canvas Decor

This was a Pinterest project I tackled last year as well and I am so happy with the results! It is a part of our spring decor again this year. Check out this post for detailed instructions.