About a month ago, Michaels had a big sale offer on their canvas sets. Buy 1, get one for 50 cents!  I ended up with four 16 x 20 canvases for about $5 each. Not a bad deal!

Of course, I already had a couple ideas of what I had planned for these canvases. One of them was this picture I had pinned quite a while ago.

final leaf canvas

I just loved the look of the fabric flowering out from the centre of the dark blue canvas, and I KNEW I needed to recreate it!

With nothing but a picture to go on, it wasn’t a very difficult process at all!

Spring Canvas Decor

Step 1 – Gather fabric scraps and a sharpie, some scissors and a little bit of time.

fabric leaves

Step 2 – Draw some leaf shapes in different sizes on your fabric and cut them out.

painted canvas

Step 3 – Paint your canvas in whatever colour you want. I really liked the dark blue and just used craft paint from Michaels.

floral arrangement

Step 4 – Arrange your fabric pieces on the canvas in the pattern you like. I’m a little bit anal when it comes to this kind of thing. It took me a while :D

mod podged leaves

Step 5 – Mod podge the leaves onto the canvas. Don’t move them too much or you’ll mess up the orientation! (Perfectionist alert!)

Step 6- Mod podge over the top of the whole thing and let dry.

spring mantle

Step 7 – Display!


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