Family Favourites Links for the Weekend

Happy weekend friends! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful one. We are finally in the double-digit temps! (in celsius of course). It’s kind of a big deal, but we all know nothing is set until after the May 24th weekend – we could still get a freeze overnight! But for now, the barbecue is heating up, coats and sweaters are being shed and we’re all a little happier with the sunshine on our faces. The only down side – our kids claim they can’t go to sleep because it’s “still light out”. Uh huh, I remember that trick ;0)

When asked a question from our Easter study, The Lamb, 5 year old Keekers had us rolling on the floor in laughter by her responses:

Who were Jesus’ first visitors?

Mary and Joseph.

Well, yes, but after Mary and Joseph?

(Long Silence) God?

Ummmm…..Who did the angels appear to?

The sheep?

Well, yes, but who else saw the angels?


(At this point we gave up as we were laughing so hard – we knew she knew the answer, but man was she ever being silly!)

And now, here are some favourite links for your weekend – enjoy!

The Heart Stuff

How the Gospel Overcomes Gluttony – “Turning to the Scriptures, we see a diagnosis of the human condition that goes to the root of all our problems. What we see is that the real problem isn’t food, or weak willpower, but the affections of our hearts.”

Bringing Life to the Easter Season – “When you have children, it’s very easy to somehow fall into the pattern of allowing the Christmas season to be the highest holiday event of the year. But this beautiful, wonderful, redeeming, incredible season of Easter is one that is not to be shoved aside with your children!”
Homeschooling the Strong-Willed Child – Yup, we’ve got one of those.

The Home {School} Stuff

Kids Were Here – I love this site! Beautiful photographs finding beauty in messes all around and evidence that kids were here.
Rain for Roots singable scripture songs has a new album and video out! You can watch the video God Made Everything on vimeo – hoping to add the album to our repertoire soon!
A Sense of the Resurrection – There’s still time to complete these daily Easter-oriented crafts and lessons (they’re really short!) designed to focus our hearts on the meaning of Easter!
Cross-Centered and Meaningful Easter Art Projects – Along with our chocolate nests and dyed egg robins, these are some great ideas for Easter crafts!

The Fun Stuff

Lego contraption conveyor belt – This video is amazing! You will be glued to your screen the entire time. My jaw dropped within the first 5 seconds. Now to start collecting enough Lego so the kids can make their own ;0)

Chick Pea Blondies – These Chick Pea Blondies are even better than Black Bean Brownies! The Man says they taste “healthy”, but my girlfriends and I finished nearly an entire 8 inch square pan in one sitting ;0) So I think it’s safe to say they’re GOOD!

How Busy People Make Time To Read (and you can too!) – This is a good read! Hah, get it? The Man has employed a few of these techniques, and I’ve adopted the “reading more than one book at a time” idea – it really does work!

Enter to win a Kitchenaid Mixer – my friend Jodi is celebrating her new website name and giving away a Kitchenaid mixer!! Go enter!

Dolphin Tale 2 – SHHHH! Don’t tell the kids! (yet :D)

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