Every Friday I’ll be sharing my favourite moments from the week and links to sites and posts you can check out over the weekend!

Family Favourites Links for the Weekend

In case you missed it, Keekers turned 5 on Tuesday!

Happy birthday Keekers

We had such a fun day with her, she was thrilled to be off school for the day and able to play alllllll day long with her dolls! Well, at least for the morning. I think she was a bit bored by lunch ;0)

We seem to be falling out of routine more often than sticking to it, but that’s ok, because each day is a new day! The snow and ice are finally melting, so we’ve been enjoying some time outside.

side yard luge track

I just realized that we owe the boys 6 months’ worth of chore earnings and allowance (oops!). That’s going to add up! Except that we have a plan for part of it – if they’re going to play softball/go to camp/go skiing next year, they’re going to pay part of their way! Yeah, family budgeting and frugality for the win!

Speaking of budgeting, you have GOT to check out our You Need A Budget post! We’ve struggled with sticking to a budget for 10 years, and now, finally, we’ve found something that works! It’s an investment (but not a huge one!) of time and resources, but it’s so worth it for seeing the progress made, even in just a couple months. We’re giving away 2 software licenses, so go enter!

These past few weeks we’ve been working behind the scenes to get things looking sharper and running more smoothly at Serving From Home. I’ve been making huge changes to my categories, so you’ll be able to search more easily and quickly find recipes.

It’s been quite the journey on the blog (6 years already?!), and I have been so blessed with resources, support, prayer and connections along the way. A friend of ours has been redesigning the blog for me, and it is going to rock! There’s a new thing coming y’all, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Next week (Lord willing!) is launch week, so come on back for a giveaway a day, and check out the new look on Thursday!

Now for the links! 

The Heart Stuff

When Your Title is Messenger, Not Expert  – some beautiful words of wisdom from Crystal Stine. Stop worrying about being the expert and be the messenger God called you to be!

Mom, Be YOU! – “What has social media done to us that we feel like we’re doing a horrible job being a mom?” Stef Layton hits the nail on the head with this one. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else! ROAR MOMMA!

When Satan Steals Your Motherhood – “Satan wants you to fail. And to feel alone. And to feel inadequate to what Someone Else has CALLED you to do.” Guess what? Satan is already defeated. Yet still I let him “win”. I’ve read this multiple times. Still absorbing. Humbled. Praying God makes me like the gentle mother, nurturing her children (1 Thessalonians 2:7).

When You’re Tired of Kids Complaining – 15 Ways to Happier Grateful Kids – “Because what will the math really matter if they are bitter? If the house is immaculate — but my attitude a mess? If they can count — but they don’t know how to count all things as joy? If we get the lists done, but have lost happiness in Him?” Once upon a time we had heart sticky notes all over our back door window. I think it’s time we did this again!

Why Being A Mom Isn’t Hard – Truth, wisdom and love for moms from my dear friend and mentor, Rebecca: “This journey is filled with opportunities to serve and allow others to help us. Sitting and complaining will never accomplish that. Yes, let’s be real, but let’s be real in a way that glorifies God.”

The Home {School} Stuff

25 Things I Buy at the Dollar Store – from Stacy Makes Cents. Yup, I buy them too!

Getting the Most Out Of A Homeschool Convention – my heart is sad we are missing Teach Them Diligently in this year, especially since my friend Jolanthe is speaking there! If you are looking to go to one homeschool conference, this is the one you don’t want to miss! There are 3 other locations still happening (Nashville is this weekend!). You need to check them out! (here’s why and some of my favourite speakers from last year).

Avoiding Antibiotics in Favour of a Natural Remedy? Read this cautionary tale first.

The Fun Stuff

Photos and blog post of my sister’s wedding from Shelley K Photography!

Lent and Easter Resources for Families 

Hello Kitty Cookies – it’s a good thing Keekers didn’t see these before her birthday! I may have to make these in the near future though :D

Looms for {Love} – Are your kids loom band crazy? Tired of tripping over bands and bracelets all day long? Have them put their newfound skills and talent to good use making loom band bracelets for orphans in Mozambique!