Is anyone else out there frustrated with the amount of fat that comes in those grocery store  packages of bacon? By the time you get finished pulling all the fat off the meat, there’s not much bacon left!

Yes, I know, most of the flavour of bacon is in the fat. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat it. And yes, I also know that you can get good bacon from a butcher, but we’re sort of in the city-….ish…and it’s hard to find here!

We have tried all kinds of alternatives to buying packaged bacon. Ham slices, Canadian back bacon, etc. None of them quite made the cut for the bacon taste.

Recently I found a product that I absolutely LOVE! I say I because I don’t think anyone else in my family really cares from one type of bacon to the next.

The product is President’s Choice Smoked Wiltshire Bacon Rashers.

pc bacon rashers

Eh? A bacon rasher? What’s that?

Aside from the fact that it is a deliciously yummy hunk-a burnin’ meat…it’s bacon. Without the fat. Essentially, back bacon (rashers is Irish). But with the flavour of bacon.


And while the package itself is more expensive than a cheap pack of bacon (about $5 compared to $3-$3.50), in the end, you end up with more meat, a sweet taste on your tongue, and a much better feeling in your belly :0)

That works for me!