I have had this tutorial in my Pinterest for a little while, and a couple weeks ago I purchased the fabric at 50% off from Fabricland.

beach bag success
As I usually do, I put off actually MAKING the bag until a few projects (namely our homeschool co-op group project day!) were out of the way, then I dove right in! 

While this was a REALLY easy project to complete, it took me an extra hour or two than it should have, all because I was fighting world war III with my sewing machine. I had changed the needle to a universal 100/16 to be able to handle the decorator fabric I had purchased.

However, my tension was slightly messed up and I could only go a couple of stitches before everything would jam up underneath and blam-o, my sewing machine would seize up. After researching and finally watching the video that came with my sewing machine (note to self: next time, WATCH IT FIRST!), I finally was able to adjust the tension appropriately and flew through the sewing.

One side of the bag has a really cute ruffle on it, the other has 3 pocket sections. I have enough fabric to make another one, and I think I will likely add another pocket somewhere to the inside.

In all, I think the project took just over an hour and a half. And the part that was supposed to be the toughest came together quite quickly, so I was glad for that!

The bag is really spacious inside and I can see that we will be using it a lot for splash pad and beach trips!

One quick note – I sewed the handles on wrong :D Instead of attaching one handle to each side, I did one end of each handle on each side of the bag. Whoops! It was almost 2:00 in the morning when I finished, so I was rushing and not paying attention. My hubby says I should switch them, but I may just leave it the way it is :0)