Again! I am so excited to have joined up with my SECOND 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge. This one is a bit different in that we are praying for 21 days straight (before we took breaks for weekends).

If you’d like to join, there’s ALWAYS time, this challenge is really a guide, if you join up late, you don’t have to catch up, just jump in! But make sure you have Brooke’s ebook to start:

Warrior Prayers

During the last challenge God taught me a lot – about my heart and about my sons’ hearts. I had great endeavours to carry on the praying after the challenge, taking one specific area each week and praying over it while incorporating a character study for the kids. 

This didn’t happen. But I’m not disappointed as I still hope to do this, but perhaps in the fall when our regular school schedule kicks back in.

I have noticed a huge change in my boys over the past few months of praying and God working in my heart. I seem to be able to view them with different eyes than I did before, seeing them as the sinners they are, and not that they’re out to get me and be as difficult as they can be.

God has given me so much grace and I need to extend that grace to them. I love these boys so much and God has charged me with their care.

The harvest is ripe for the picking. Yesterday Big Boy (6) asked me what would happen if Jesus didn’t die on the cross. I explained to him that sin separated us from God and that we would have to continually present a sacrifice to God every time we sin in order to restore ourselves to him.
But when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he bridged that gap between us and God and provided a way for us to have relationship, fellowship, FORGIVENESS OF SINS! Without his sacrifice, we would be eternally separated from God.

And without accepting that sacrifice, we ARE eternally separated from God. I asked Will some questions like “Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins? Do you believe you are sinful? Do you want to follow and obey God?”. He responded yes to all of them, but I am very cautious to ask him if he “wants Jesus to be in his heart”. At this age, it is difficult to know whether it is just a “yes” response or an effort to please. So we have never asked our children this – we would rather the motivation come from themselves and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, than the prompting of a question.

We have been learning the “Romans Road” tool for evangelism – mostly because I wanted to have the verses come to mind quickly so I could have an answer for others, but also to continue planting God’s word in our hearts. 

This moment yesterday gave me great encouragement – that boy is THINKING! Wrestling! – and a glimpse of just how mightily God is at work in my children’s lives. Won’t you join me in praying for your sons? Husband? Future son-in-law(s)?