It’s here! With These 2 Hands Creative Link-up starts today! In case you missed the announcement last week, this is a once a month link up to share ANYTHING you’ve created with your hands.


Our vision for the With These 2 Hands link up is to encourage women to have some sort of creative outlet,even if it’s not strictly considered a “craft.”

This link-up will be hosted on 4 blogs – The daisyhead, CreativLei, Daisyhead Creations and Serving From Home. Link up at one and it shows up in all four locations.

You can link up any blog post, but you can also link up your Craftsy project page, your Ravelry project page, a flickr photo, Instagram photo, etc. All we ask is that it be more than just a picture. Tell us a bit about your creative outlet or why it relaxes you. The idea is to give ideas, inspiration, and encouragement to others.

So, here goes my craft project! This is one I’ve had kicking around for, oh, months, maybe even a year. And it’s pretty simple, but I love the results.

papier mache pears and spray paint

I bought these papier mache pears in the clearance section at Michaels. I could have left them as is, but since I have a ton of spray paint kicking around, I thought I’d give them a spray of glittery silver.

I love the result! And they look great in my Dayspring Blessings of God dough bowl.

silver spray painted pears-001

Since Easter is just a few weeks away (already!) I decided to add a couple extra accents to the bowl decor. These are foam egg forms wrapped in baker’s twine. They’re a bit more complicated than spray painting, but well worth the effort!

pears with easter eggs-001

To start, poke one end of the bakers’ twine into the foam egg and add a glue dot to secure. Start wrapping tightly (but don’t pull too tight!) around the egg, applying hot glue every so often to keep it from slipping.

glue twine and wrap around foam

 Since it’s foam, it tends to grab onto the twine, a little like velcro, but you still need the glue to secure it.

If you end up with gaps, just wrap the twine randomly around the egg at the end to cover them, or leave it as is.

easter eggs and spray painted pears

I can’t wait to see your creativity at work! Let the link-up begin!