fitting it in series

This series has been about 3 months in the making. 3 months because that’s how long it has taken me to kinda, sorta, maybe-not-really figure out what our “new normal” is around here since Baby E joined us in December.

People look at me and wonder “How on earth does she do it all?!”, and while I smile and shake my head, the truth of the matter is, most of the time I don’t. When you come over and see that the house is clean it’s because I planned it for you to come the day after we do our most major chores :D If I’m bringing homemade cookies to our playdate it’s because I pulled them out of the freezer from the last batch I made….over a month ago.

If my house is decorated for a certain season it’s because I was up until 1 AM the night before putting old things away and bringing out the new – and I just might stick with the Easter decor until Thanksgiving :D

If my month of homeschool lessons is planned it’s because I have 3 hours free on a Friday while the kids are at co-op to work on them – and I probably didn’t actually really plan them out.

Often we only see one aspect of people’s lives and think they’re doing so awesome, getting so much done, soaring through lessons and always have a clean house. But unless you’re a fly on the wall or dropping in unexpectedly (have mercy!), you don’t see everything that goes on and the monumental efforts that are put forth – or not. That’s why it’s so important for us to be real in every aspect of our lives – real about our struggles, real about our successes, open and honest about our day-to-day. I’m not trying to be supermom, and if I’m doing anything at all it’s because  of the grace of God, or I’ve had to sacrifice in another area. It is TOUGH, whether you’ve just had a baby or not, to fit it all in!

What I’d like to do over the course of this series is encourage you, mom with a new baby or not, on how to fit in the extras. Or not! I’m definitely not an expert or a pro, but once a week I’d like to share one area of our life that I’ve struggled in getting things accomplished and how we’re trying to make it work with our busy life and new baby.

I’d love for you to join me on Mondays in March as I share! The areas I’ll be covering are:

Keeping House

Finding Time to Prepare Food

Homeschooling with a New Baby

Extra Curriculars

Special Projects


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