lego boys

Friday mornings have been turning into quite the gong show these past few weeks. And the fun begins before the sun even rises, usually somewhere between 2 and 4 AM.

After feeding Miss E at 2 AM she had a hard time getting back to sleep, due to congestion and flailing her arms around and so wriggling out of her blankets. I finally got her settled back down again close to 4 am and crawled into bed.

Not much later we heard the cry from the front bedroom: “I want mommy! I want MOMMY! I WANT MOMMY!” Of course, each time escalating louder and louder.

I’m not sure if I was too tired and didn’t really hear it or too tired and just couldn’t move, but my hubby made his way toward the boys bedroom. At the door he asked “What’s the matter?”

JJ responded “I’m afraid!”. My husband proceeded to sit on his bed, stroking his head and saying “Daddy’s here buddy, how can I pray for you? What’s the matter?”

From the bed came a “Nothing! I’m fine!” The Man had sat on The Boy’s bed and was proceeding to comfort HIM instead of JJ, who said from the top bunk “I’m up here!”.

Oh the joys of late night wakings and bunk beds :0)