Heh heh, yes, I know it’s Thursday. But yesterday got busy! And I still wanted to record what we’re learning, so Thursday it is!

I promised The Boy I would do a video of his recitation of Psalm 23, but I have no idea how to get Vimeo to work here, so I will just have to do a link to the link.

Seriously, God has gifted that boy with a memory of an elephant! When he wants to use it that is. So far he has been super quick with all our memory verses; praying God continues to strengthen his mind as he fills it with God’s word.

We learned a bit about the development of writing and language 1000 B.C. – from chicken scratch, literally!, to the formation of the current alphabet, the languages the Bible was written in, how long it took them to decipher the Rosetta stone (25 years!) and even did a little deciphering and translating of our own.

In Acts, our family devotion time together, we’ve hit on the stoning of Stephen, and Saul ravaging the church, as well as Philip ministering to the Ethiopian eunuch. Something that really stuck out in all our minds was the fact that, this man was coming to Jerusalem, seeking the truth, reading through Isaiah, unable to understand it, yet he was pursing truth. As we learned in our Narrow Way lesson today, the seed of the truth of God’s word can only take root in our hearts of we understand it – and the only way we can understand it is from saturation in the Word, and the understanding given us by the Holy Spirit. So cool!

We are still doing daily quiet time – I really want to ramp The Boy up to reading from a “real” bible, instead of his word-for-word “story” bible (stories of the bible in actual ESV text), but we may wait until he has finished this one before going there.

That’s our kids in the word for this week! Would love to hear what your kiddos are learning about through God’s word!