There are so many things we take for granted. In this twitter happy, facebook crazy, pinterest-loving, envy-inducing society are in, it’s so easy to see what others have and evaluate what we do have as not being nearly good enough.

I’m guilty. There is a fine line between admiring and envy for me. Pinterest is a classic example of admiration-turned-envy, and I’ve fallen for it many a time.

This is where I need to make a choice. To choose to see what the Lord has given me, and be blessed by it. Not always wanting more, bigger, better.

Handing candy out on Halloween night, two kids we opened the door to promptly exclaimed, looking into our house, “Wow, this house is HUGE!” I had to chuckle. We live in a semi-detached house, in a neighborhood of mostly semis and townhomes. Our house is not huge, by any comparison, to the full-size homes scattered throughout our area. And I have easily fallen into the trap of “We’re out-growing it; there’s not enough space; it’s not nice enough; the kitchen is too small.”

brickhouse by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere(by the way – this is NOT my home :D)

But when I take a step back and view things through the eyes of these kids, maybe coming from a house even smaller than our own, I can be thankful. Our place is really nice. Quite possibly the nicest semi I’ve ever set foot in. The layout is great, the front entryway is open right up to the 2nd floor (which is what I think gives it the huge factor :D), and while the basement isn’t finished and the upstairs isn’t huge, it suits our needs really well and allows for us to have others over to bless in fellowship. So I am thankful.

We are studying up a bit on Canada’s armed forces this week, in preparation for Remembrance Day November 11. We watched the “Soldiers Cry” video today, and Will turns to me “Mommy, don’t cry!” as of course I was getting teared up.

Thinking about the sacrifices men and women have made for decades to protect our country, shames me for the inner complaints that I have about our comfortable lifestyle. I have been challenged greatly by this lately, as I have seen ungratefulness raise it’s ugly head in complaints and whining from the kiddos. So we have made an extra effort lately to find things to be grateful for, to “Give thanks in all circumstances” – and ours are nothing in comparison to many others.

I am thankful for my grandfather, Frank Gallagher, who flew a plane with the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 2nd World War to secure freedom for our country. I am thankful for Tim’s grandfather, Cameron Henderson, who served on the Army Medical Corps, giving comfort and help to those in need. I am thankful for all those who now fight so that our country can remain free. But mostly thankful to God who has lovingly allowed us to be free.

So how about you? What are you most challenged to be thankful for?