Hi all! I’m stoked, I’m actually getting to this before Monday :D Even if it is only just barely by an hour….

Here’s the rundown of what our week held:

Typical school week, nothing extra Mon-Fri. Skating, swimming, staying indoors otherwise to avoid the rain.

Keeker got sick Thursday evening with a cough, which turned into a full-blown cold, which has now been passed on to mommy.

Hubbers and I went out on a date while his sister and her husband babysat. We headed to the mall and went in to eat at Pickle Barrel, but after 30+ minutes of waiting for our food (and it was only a sandwich and salad!) we left and went to the food court, where we had a smoothie, Greek and fries (yeah, real healthy :D). Hubs  had a PizzaPizza 2-for-1 ticket at Cineplex, so we decided to see Rio – which, sadly, was really the only decent movie option available. It was a pretty good movie, I definitely wouldn’t let our kids see it though, too much emphasis on the body and then there’s the whole innuendo of the birds mating – yeah, just too much for the kids just yet! It was funny, but I definitely laughed more at the Scrat mini-film at the beginning. LOVE that guy!

Friday night my hubby and I spent a couple of hours decorating cupcakes for a belated Easter celebration the following day with half of his family.
The other half is currently on the West coast staying with hubby’s aunt who just had her 4th baby!

My 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge has ended – but I am continuing on in the prayers, taking 1 topic per week.

Saturday was the ONLY nice day this week, so we took advantage of the 17 degree (that’s CELSIUS) weather and cleaned out the garage, did some yard work and cleaned up the backyard.
Saturday afternoon was the Easter party, for which my wonderful husband volunteered to stay back from and take care of the sickie. We had such delicious food there, a grand time with the kids running around the backyard doing an Easter egg hunt and playing holey board.
Boy cousins (4 of 6!) waiting around for the egg hunt instructions.
And they’re off!
Big Boy’s haul – of course, everyone’s was split fairly in the end.
Holey board in the background.

Sunday I stayed home from church with Keeker as she was still not well and I was feeling the weight of the cold pressing in on me. I got some good time with her (we watched Little House on the Prairie – along with hockey, it is one of her favourite shows!) and was able to rest somewhat.

My hubby set up my new birthday present – a Singer Brilliance sewing machine! I have an old Kenmore that someone gave me, which has worked fine, but this has the 75+ different stitches and an all digital display. Pretty sweet! So I used it to sew a baby blanket and nursing cover for my hubby’s aunt (for the nursing cover I used this tutorial from the Freshly Picked blog.
The boys picked the fabric for this blanket.
I LOVE this material! And I can still get it so if you want anything made of it, tell me now!
Tomorrow we head off to Woodbine Fantasy Fair with a couple families / friends from our homeschool group and church (got a sweet deal on WagJag). But before that, we VOTE!

Tomorrow ALSO begins the 31 Days to Clean challenge. Check it out!