Who doesn’t love a sweet smelling candle, or a bundle of red roses nestled deep into a vase? I know I do! Flowers and candles are the way to my heart, yes, even over chocolate (unless, of course, it is 70% dark and accompanied with a cup of coffee :D).

Today’s gifts are for the romantic at heart, and will hopefully help to add some ambiance and Christmas cheer to your home this season.


Cinnamon Stick Pillar Candles


Age Range: Adult

Time Required: 5-15 minutes

Skills: Patience


  • pillar candle
  • cinnamon sticks (the length doesn’t matter too much)
  • ribbon or glue gun
  • small plate

Step 1

Decide on the height of the candle you are using, and choose your cinnamon sticks to go with. They can be too short, but try to break them smaller if they are too tall (to prevent burning – although you’re going to need to shorten them as the candle burns anyway).

Step 2

Arrange the cinnamon sticks around the candle. Here is where the patience and time comes in. It took me about 10 minutes to get half the cinnamon sticks around the outside of the candle, then secure a ribbon so they wouldn’t all fall over and out, then another 5 minutes to put the remaining cinnamon sticks into the ribbon to complete the look.
The nice thing is, it doesn’t really matter how they look in the end, because they look really cool! I tried gluing the cinnamon sticks to the candle, but I guess the wax or gloss content was too high, and they would not stick. However, according to Martha Stewart, it can be done! So hot glue might be worth a try. Let me know if you try it and how it turns out!

Step 3

Make sure, when you gift the candle, that you include a small plate or dish underneath so the candle doesn’t melt all over their woodwork!

Candy Cane Vase


Age Range: Adult (or at least able to safely handle a hot glue gun)
Time Required: 15 minutes
Skills: Hot gluing
  • high heat hot glue gun
  • vase (I used a rectangle, small round works too)
  • candy canes

Step 1

Start gluing your candy canes onto the outside of the vase.

Step 2

Continue gluing until you have gone all the way around the vase.

Step 3

Fill with nicer flowers than these fake poinsettias. Perhaps some red roses, eh honey? :D