Stockings are a fun tradition that my family has observed since I was little. Since we attended a Christian Reformed church and adhered to the Dutch tradition of attending our Christmas Day church service, we had time only to open our stockings in the morning, rush off to church, and then come home for a relaxing afternoon with presents and lots of food.

Now, as our own family, we have looked forward to stockings on Christmas morning as the “starter gun” to get things going. They’re the teaser, laying out on the couch, bursting with goodies, just egging the already over-eager kids on as they jump up and down in excitement.

I almost ALWAYS leave the stocking shopping to the extreme last minute, making a mad dash out to the local big grocery store and spending WAY too much money because, once again, I’ve run out of time and ideas. Every year I make a mental note to shop for stocking ideas throughout the year, and every year I forget to do so. But not this year!

Though I haven’t shopped as far in advance as I was thinking I would, I’m already miles ahead with an idea list, some items purchased (on sale last year :D) and a better idea of a budget to stick to.

Whether you’re shopping for boys, girls, teens or the hard to buy for spouse, check out our stocking stuffer ideas and you’re guaranteed to get your stocking-shopping on!

100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

School Supplies

It’s amazing how much fun our kids have with simple school supplies disguised as awesome creativity starters in their stockings! A bit of tape, some stickers and colorful markers brings a whole lot of joy :0)

  • fun erasers
  • fun pencils
  • fun shaped paper clips
  • edging scissors 
  • rulers
  • bookmarks
  • book light (‘cuz you know they’re going to read all their new books that night :D)
  • markers (Sharpies were a HUGE hit last year!)
  • pencils
  • crayons

Creative Minds

Each of our kids has an art box which is stocked in September (and re-stocked over Christmas) with various random art items in which they can make whatever their little hearts desire! These are some great items to include in stockings and help foster fun, creative projects.

  • stickers
  • glue sticks
  • washi or duct tape
  • activity books
  • Play Doh and cutters
  • Paint and foam rollers
  • Stamps and ink pads
  • beads, wire, jewelry-making kits
  • gimp
  • embroidery thread (for making friendship bracelets)
  • Makedo FreePlay kits (OH.MY.STARS. These are brilliant for fun free play thinking outside the box!)
  • gel crayons (MADE for drawing on paper OR windows)
  • colored puffs, pipe cleaners
  • sparkly foam sticky paper
  • DIY design a robot set
  • mini doodle books
  • puzzle books (Sodoku, word search, crosswords, etc.)

Sweets and Treats

  • gum
  • candy (we like gourmet candy canes, licorice, and Hershey kisses)
  • fruit snacks
  • nuts
  • snack mix
  • granola bars
  • clementines (What?! My very own clementine?! I kid you not, they were ecstatic!)
  • sweet cereal (one of the travel size from the multi-packs at the grocery stores fit perfectly)
  • coffee and tea (GoodWorks tea and coffee, Avodah coffee)
  • chocolate bars
  • specialty chocolate (my dad used to buy each of us a special Belgian chocolate moulded chocolate each Christmas)

Toiletry Items

Practical (but fun!) Gifts

Fun & Games

For the Outdoor Explorer / Adventurer


 What do you like to stuff your stockings with?

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