Who doesn’t love a deliciously warm, soft, cozy scarf? There’s something about it that takes a cold, dreary day up a notch and the thought of being wrapped up tight and warm during a long winter’s day that brings such comfort.

There are many beautiful scarves out there, but the best ones, in my opinion, are always handmade. I stumbled across Jacob’s Scarves in my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, and instantly fell in love.

Jacob's Scarves


I had an opportunity to sit down with Kiri (over e-mail, hee hee :D) and ask her some questions about the heart and the mission behind Jacob’s Scarves. She spent a semester in Zhongshan, China, teaching English, which is where the story of Jacob’s Scarves begins.


Where did you get the idea for starting Jacob’s Scarves?

The idea for Jacob’s Scarves started when I found out that cute little two year old boy I had already fallen in love with, would not be able to attend school, despite the fact that both his parents and grandparents were working 12+ hour days. I knew something needed to be done, I just didn’t know what. I kept the puzzle on my heart, and went about life hoping something would materialize.

And it did! I had recently gone on a vacation to Shenzhen China (where there are HUGE markets), and while there I had purchased a few scarves as a souvenirs for people back home. One day as I was thinking about how to help Jacob, I looked at one of the scarves and the idea clicked. I would sell scarves to help fund Jacob’s education!

What is the biggest struggle you have faced in your journey?

My biggest struggle has definitely been myself. I have horrible confidence and had no idea how to run a business, so for a long time I got in the way of Jacob’s Scarves. Saying things like “who am I to make this work? I know nothing” and, “If someone else was running this company I’m sure it would be successful, but not with me.”
But eventually I realized I either needed to suck it up and get to work, or I needed to quit. And although I played with the idea of quitting fairly often – I never could really do it. My promise to Jacob and his family meant something to me, and somewhere, deeeeep deep inside, I knew that I could make JS successful.
I knew that this company could make a difference. And I knew that Jacob needed me. Now I have tried to take myself out of the equation and focus on the importance of our mission, and the importance of hustling. To learn whatever it was that would help us be successful.

What is the greatest joy you have experienced so far?

My greatest joy is every time I take a stack of packages to the post office! I absolutely love it! Each time I am packaging the day’s orders, I can’t help but feel so happy with how we are growing, and how each of those orders is making a true difference.

What would you say to others to encourage them they can make a difference in the lives of others by changing the way they shop?

We all shop. All the time. So imagine if every single product we bought – made a difference?
What if your toaster provided warm meals to hungry kids in America? What if your tampon box helped provide women’s health classes in third world countries? What if your new diaper bag helped provide jobs for women in urban areas? What if your scarf educated children?
Not only would we be making an impact all over the world, but we would also be spending our hard earned dollars on something that matters, as well as something we love.

Jacob Scarves soft inifinty

I’ve had a few store bought and handmade scarves that I’ve purchased over the years, and though they are warm, they’re sometimes stiff, too hot, itchy and not comfortable to wear for more than an hour or so.

This is not the case at all with these beauties made by Jacob’s Scarves! Not only is every scarf a quality product, it is responsibly sourced, and supporting small communities and businesses whenever possible.

The moment I saw the beautiful Edinburgh blanket-knitted pashmina scarf I knew it was perfect.

Edinburgh scarf

I had been looking for a blanket scarf for a while but the prices of ones on Etsy were high, and I struggled with buying a cheap one manufactured who knows where.

So you can imagine how giddy I got when it popped up on my Instagram!

Edinburgh scarf snow fall

It’s just as perfect as it looks – soft, warm, and BIG, it’s like wearing a blanket, but without the bulk of having one wrapped around your neck.

Edinburgh warm blanket scarf

Wrap it, tie it, wear it infinity stlye – any way you try it, you’ll be warm and cozy.

My other favourite is the super-soft knit infinity scarf – there’s the Suh (burgundy), Urdz (navy) and the Vostok (beige) . It literally envelops you in warmth and softness.

jacobs scarves infinity scarf


It’s perfect to throw on over your jacket on your way out for the day or evening, or just wear around the house in comfort.

super soft knit infinity scarf

If you prefer lighter weight scarves, there is plenty of selection!

moscow infinity

Burma infinity

Dubrovnik infinity

This one is called the Dubrovnik – for obvious reasons (IE our trip to Dubrovnik in September!) this scarf is on my wish list :D

baby scarf


And how cute are these toddler scarves?!

Louisa toddler scarf

Which of the Jacob’s Scarves is your favourite?

Kiri also has some wonderful prints in her shop! Make sure you check them out!

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