We’ve gone through the first 2 days of Truth in the Tinsel. And I have to tell you – we are LOVING it!

Granted, our crafts are a bit messy (with a 4 1/2 year old speedster, and a 2 1/2 year old little one – only Mr. Perfectionist is keeping it all clean and together). But we are having a great time, AND spending some quality time learning while we’re crafting.

Yesterday, the boys were thrilled to tell The Mr. when he got home all about their lights. The Boy said “People had darkness – not dark like this (turning out the light), but darkness in their hearts, which is sin. Then Jesus came as the light of the world!”. YES! They got the point!

Today, we talked about Jesus being King of the WHOLE UNIVERSE, and made up some “kingly” names for him – Super Saviour, Creative Creator, Awesome King.

We are having a wonderful time with this, learning about our Saviour, and I cannot wait for what’s coming up next!

By the way, here’s the winner of their very own copy of Truth in the Tinsel!

NATALIE K! Her response was:

“Because our boys are young.  We are trying to keep it simple (ie, so they don’t associate it only with gifts for them, or Mama being stressed with a long to-do list!).  Jesus came because he loves us.  Happy Birthday to our Saviour and Heavenly Daddy!”

I hope you enjoy your very own copy of Truth in the Tinsel! Even Keekers is having a great time with it (2 1/2), so I’m sure the boys will be more than ready next year! And besides that, it also gives some great ideas and focus for us as parents during the Advent waiting and preparation.

If you didn’t win, chin up! You can still buy your very own copy of the ebook for $4.99 here!

Happy Adventing!