The study of the Ministry of Motherhood book has been eye opening, encouraging, and very challenging. Before I read it I was beginning to realize how little I knew about what my ministry as a mother meant. After reading it, I realize that I am just beginning to touch the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more to being godly parents than I EVER thought!

In the 12th week, we studied chapters 19 and 20 where Sally finishes talking about serving others and doing so with joy. I have really been challenged lately to, instead of trying to just think up ways to serve, PRAY about it, and pray about it with our kids. Sally also suggests presenting the idea of serving others in your church or community to your children – and no matter how young, you will be amazed at the responses.

Taking these ideas, we are going to come up with a list of people in our church we can serve – even if it is something like helping the hospitality crew clean up after cookies and coffee on Sunday mornings, offering to help the teachers put the name tags away, helping to clear off the tables, put chairs away (and these are just coming to me now as I write this!). We also have sponsored children through Gospel For Asia we haven’t really written to often – so once a month we are going to do pictures and letters and send them off. I am sure we will have many more ideas come up, but this is a good start! I’d love to hear how you are encouraging your children to serve others.

All of them, but especially these chapters, have been an encouragement. I have learned  \that it doesn’t have to be big and great things that we do for the Lord, but that all the little things we do to honour him, serve each other, and reach out to others around us are the things that count. Not to mention attitudes in doing them!

Christy Nockels wrote a song called “By Our Love” and I have been listening to and playing it over and over again. The words and the music are simple, challenging, moving. It goes like this:

Brothers let us come together, walking in the Spirit, there’s much to be done.

We will come reaching, out from our comfort – and they will know us by our love.

Sisters, we were made for kindness, we can pierce the darkness as he shines through us.

We will come reaching, with a song of healing – and they will know us our love.


The time is now, come church arise.

Love with his hands, see with his eyes.

Bind it around you, let it never leave you

And they will know us by our love.


Children, you are hope for justice, stand firm in the truth now;

Set your hearts above.

He will be reaching long after we’re gone – and they will know you by your love.


The time is now – not tomorrow when I have more energy or feel like it – cultivating the heart in it for myself and my children, seeking the Lord for opportunities . Not in a few years when the kids are older. Now. Today. With whatever the Lord has put on our hearts. Small things matter – but most of all, the heart behind it (with joy!) and the reason for doing it (obedience, love and honour).