The Scavenger Hunt Sunday photo challenge  is one I have been very afraid to join in on because of all the amazing photos I have been seeing.

However, I decided to swallow my pride and just have some fun! So here is my very first edition of “Scavenger Hunt Sunday”.

1. Seeing Double / Two – Keeker sees mommy and mommy sees mommy!

2. Whatever – In honour of our lessons over the summer from Apologia Science, this little guy (whatever he is!) is my entry for “whatever”. Honestly, I think we have seen more varieties of insect over the past few months than I ever recall seeing in my life!

3. Sweet – This one is easy. We love cupcakes around here, and there’s not much sweeter than a little missie eating a pink lemonade cupcake.

4. Space – The boys love throwing their toys up on the top bunk – it has to be one of their most favourite spaces to be in.

5. Bright – 2 boys playing with brightly coloured trucks in the bright sunshine on a bright white table with bright smiles on their faces. Ahh vacation.

Thanks for checking out my first Scavenger Hunt Sunday!