I have been searching and searching for quick and easy tutorials to make hanging pom poms out of tissue paper. I combined a few different ideas/methods that were all very similar, and here is what I ended up with!

It is very simple. First, layer 4 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other, then cut them into quarters.

With one stack of 4, start folding accordion style.

Lay it flat, then cut the top and bottom in an arch. Cut half way into the center without going all the way through.

Using dental floss (mint flavoured if you have it, then they’ll smell nice as well as look nice!) tie a double knot in the center of the tissue.

Open the tissue accordion up.

Starting with the top, start pulling apart each layer until you have a nice, crimped pom pom.

For smaller or larger pom poms, use smaller or larger pieces of tissue. You can display them hanging, in bowls or individually on plates – really, however you want to!