Vintage Chic Bridal Shower

Soooooooo…. this Vintage Chic bridal shower was for my sister. Last summer. *Cough cough*

Yes, apparently “my computer” (IE: it was probably my fault) lost all the photos for this post, and then suddenly, they again magically appeared! Yay! And argh, technology. Sometimes you just can’t live with it or without it!

In case you didn’t know, I have 2 sisters, and 1 brother – all younger (and yes, I’m a classic first-born :D). My next youngest sister (we’ll call her MJ for the sake of anonymity – try saying THAT word 10 times fast! YEESH!) is very much a classic vintage-Victorian chic style – not retro (that would be more my other sister, J.R. – as in Tolkien, snicker ;D), but verrry vintage-y, with a Victorian twist.

When we planned her bridal shower, the original plan had included her meeting her bridal party – and, SURPRISE! the other guests – at the batting cages. Then we’d all head back to the house for a SURPRISE bridal shower. Sadly, it was raining the whole day and our plan was a wash. Better our plan than our hair, I say! Plan B – start later at the house and no surprises. Oh well, she’d already caught on to what was going on by that point anyway, and it was still a barrel of fun.

Going for MJ’s style, the bridesmaids, maid of honour J.R., mom, and myself pulled off a pretty fun shower! My mom and dad’s house is the perfect setting, open rooms, classic white everywhere, lush green grass as the backdrop. Absolutely lovely!

Vintage Chic Bridal Shower table setting

The decorations were some hanging paper lanterns I’ve had for probably 6 years or so now, and they’ve played a part in many a party and shower in years past (and hopefully years to come). Party City also had some reasonable packages of tissue paper balls and garlands – but be forewarned, these were INSANELY difficult to fluff out. The results were beautiful though.

vintage chic bridal party decor

Oh look, there’s me snapping a picture of the table :D

The food included Chicago Mix (cheddar and caramel popcorn), tomatoes and bocconcini, and an all-time summer salsa favourite, Mexican Caviar (aka Cowboy Salsa). Think a little sweet, slightly tangy, with a whole lotta cilantro flavour. So delish!

Mexican Caviar cowboy salsa

There were also veggies and dip in glasses (thank you Pinterest!) and crackers and cheese – mostly just a light fare.

Veggies and Dip for a party

2 of the bridesmaids made these fun, refreshing punches.

Bridal shower punch

For the desserts, I made sugar cookies – but of course! This was at the start of my sugar cookie craze last year (and it’s still going strong!).

I begged, borrowed (and bought) a couple new cookie cutters to add to my collection. The easy part is making the cookies and flooding them. The harder part are the details – but it’s also the most fun!

Teal teapot and tea cup sugar cookies

Decorated teapot and tea cup sugar cookies

I made fondant flowers with a small flower cut-out set I have, and used edible silver shimmer mixed with a tiny bit of lemon juice to dust the white accents.

Cupcakes were also made. Sadly, I still cannot find a single picture of them, except for them in the background!

MJ and Mom

MJ and our mom 

They were chocolate and vanilla, some topped with a swiss meringue buttercream swirl, these lovely cameo chocolates and fondant flowers.

Homemade cameo chocolates

The others were topped with a pink circle of rolled and detailed fondant.

Rolled and detailed fondant circles

I also made gum paste pearls, dusted them in the silver shimmer, and embedded them in the fondant. Anyway, you can kind of get the idea!

In the end, there was a lot of laughter, food and fun had by all. Happy (almost) 1st anniversary, MJ!

MJ and wedding party