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We are nearly wrapped up with our 6th year of homeschooling. My, how the time flies! Our eldest is finishing 4th grade, and suddenly, we are more than halfway to high school! After that, possibly college and university. Yikes!

It’s never too early to begin at least thinking about the future of our childrens’ education – no matter what path they choose for post-secondary education, it’s wise as parents to be aware of the options available for study. I am in awe of the choices offered now for graduates to continue their studies, and pre-graduates to take courses in their area of interest.

Just a little over a decade ago, online courses were very minimal, and now there are not only virtual classes, but virtual schools that exist. The possibilities for studying and receiving college and university credits are quite literally becoming endless.

Prepare for College with Online Courses offers college level courses for homeschool students to prepare for or replace college courses, or for advancing college and university students in their current courses.

Prepare for College with Online Courses

JumpCourse also helps students to prepare for a CLEP (or College Level Examination Program) Exam, which allows earlier placement into colleges and universities, and an opportunity to earn college credits outside of a classroom. There are CLEP tests prepared for  just over 30 courses of study, and the testing is quite rigorous. (Find out from your school first if they accept CLEP for entrance and placement, there are over 2,900 colleges and universities in the United States which do!)

**Note to my Canadian readers – currently, there are no Canadian colleges or universities that recognize the CLEP test. However, it is still a good option for Canadian students if you would like to attend school in the US. **

(You can read more about CLEP here)

Learn at Your Own Pace with JumpCourse

JumpCourse offers full online college level courses covering the same material you would get on campus – but on your own time and at your own pace.

Procrastinators, unite! We’re down to the wire, putting off what needs to be done until the very, ultimate last minute, because, well, there’s soooooo much to do! I was definitely like this through university, and still tend to be that way now. It’s not a bad thing, BUT not everyone sees things the same way. JumpCourse does ;0)

Cover College-Level Material with JumpCourse

To test the material covered in a JumpCourse course, I brought in some help – my brother-in-law, who is a homeschool graduate, and graduate of an online university finance course. I had him take a look at the JumpCourse Introduction to Financial Accounting course (Sign up to get a free trial).

Financial Accounting Courses with JumpCourse

The Financial Accounting course is very comprehensive and covers everything you need to know for a first-year accounting course, as well as some more advanced concepts from an intermediate-level course. He enjoyed the videos, finding them very clear and visual. The practice questions were well-rounded and approached the material from different angles (providing a better-rounded understanding of concepts), and the sections of study as whole were broken down into manageable portions.

As a whole, the program lesson zones in on what is actually necessary, and has you practice until you understand what you’re learning. Plus, it’s fun and interactive at the same time!

Other Benefits of Online Courses with JumpCourse

Taking an online course with JumpCourse to advance or prepare for college and university education has many other benefits:

  • Dollar Savings – Take college level education courses for only $99.
  • Time Savings – You are not restricted to a 4 year education-graduation schedule and can easily accelerate your learning
  • Works with your schedule – You own it and set your own schedule, taking the courses when your schedule allows
  • Choose how you learn – The JumpCourse technology allows you to choose how you learn, either by watching videos, reading lecture notes, doing fun activities – or all of the above!

Now until June 30th, 2014, you can register for JumpCourse and receive 50% off one course, using the code HOME50.

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Encourage your students to continue their education over the summer and take a course with JumpCourse! You will have access to the course for 1 year from purchase time, so the course can also be taken in the fall or spring.

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  • Check out the JumpCourse blog for lots of tips for students – such as improving sleep, reducing stress during exams, graduating, etc.
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  • Check out the JumpCourse YouTube videos and let me know what kind of student you would be ;0) (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a procrastinator :D)


We were invited to participate in JumpCourse for free, and I was compensated for my time in this review. All opinions are my own or my brother-in-law’s :)