This week’s Foto Friday challenge from Renaissance is “summer fruit”. It goes along very nicely with the LEM photo challenge which is “summer!”.

We hit up the market yesterday and filled up our baskets with oodles of Ontario grown produce. My mouth (AHH! Major typo there before – good thing my hubby caught it :D) was watering as I walked in and saw these piles of peaches and cherries. So delicious!!!!

Foto Friday Challenge

Growing up, I camped once or twice with my family. We’re more of a cottaging type :D But I have camped the last 8 years with my husband and his family, and as much work as it is, I so look forward to it (especially when the weather is great and we can go to the beach every day!). It is the only time of the year when all the cousins are together for more than a few hours at once. So to me, a photo like this describes one of my favourite times in summer in a nutshell:

Bright, sunshine, water, sand, family, friends – and while it’s not all relaxing, in these moments are the ones where I am the most grateful for what the Lord has blessed us with.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!