We have been working through our Truth in the Tinsel Advent study, not quite keeping up with every day, but doing our best to stay on top of the Scripture readings and discussion, even if we don’t get to the craft.

The kids have been loving it. And might I add, this momma has had quite the conviction of spirit herself as far as the depth of what Christmas really means and the messages there are for all of us to really understand.

The most thrilling part (aside from the really cool crafts we get to do each day!) is that the kids are making a connection. It seems that hands-on activity is particularly important to them for understanding what exactly we’re talking about. Duh, like that isn’t something I’ve always known, but often I’m too selfish to make the sacrifice of time and effort to get there with them.

For example, the other day we did Gabriel and Mary ornaments together (it was a bit hectic, and we had to make some major mods, but we managed to pull it off!). They really got that Gabriel wasn’t just “some guy”, but that he went directly from the presence of God, to Mary’s side. And Mary wasn’t a mom, or even a wife yet – just a young girl, not married, totally unprepared for what was coming. Yet she had faith to say to this angel of the Lord, “I am your servant. Let it be done to me as you have said.”

If you haven’t gotten your own copy of Truth in the Tinsel yet, may I suggest you do so QUICKLY!? Or at least, buy a copy that you can use for next year. It is amazing, and we are being so blessed by it. I’m looking forward to the messages and lessons I’M going to learn in the weeks to come!