Writing for 5 minutes flat, no going back and editing!


Growing up, my favourite colours used to be black and brown. I was what I would call a “tom boy”, and colours were the last thing I was concerned about.

Then I met my future hubby, when I was 16 going on 17. Suddenly, my favourite colours started to change – now it was blue and orange, which, coincidentally, were his favourite colours at the time.

The more time we spent together, the more I started to branch out in my favourite colours. The tomboy who had previously completely kaiboshed pink, was now found wearing it. Not often, but enough to start enjoying it and looking pretty.

Fast forward to now, and take a peek in my closet – you will see a rainbow of colours. I no longer can name a favourite, as I have come to appreciate so many things about different colours. Obviously, there are still ones that look best on me and I gravitate towards – pink, purple, blue and red – but I have definitely changed my perspective on colours!

And it all began with a boy. Who became my man, and because I wanted to look nice for him, I came to love this rainbow of beauty that God has created. It is especially at this time of year that I love seeing everyone’s houses splashed and arrayed in marvelous colours as they decorate their homes, simply or going all out.

But the best colour of all for this time of year, in my opinion, remains white – the white of the snow covering the slopes, allowing us to hit them up on our skis and boards; and the white of the shining star signaling the birth of our Saviour who washes us whiter than snow.