5 Minute Friday – This week’s prompt is JOY.


My Keekers, my little feisty sweetheart girl who changed my whole world as I knew it. No longer was I just as “Boy-mom”. Now I had the title of a Mother of a Daughter.

You Light Up My Life

You bring such joy and laughter into our days – your quirky smiles, your hilarious jokes, your laughing at how you “nailed it!” with what you thought was a failed drawing of a cruise ship.

I recall this song that played on a music box from your Nana, my mom – you and I are much the same. We both made our moms mothers of daughters. We both brought challenges and joy into our mothers’ lives.

And we have this challenge now still, you and I. To light up the lives of those around us.

be the light

You light up my life

You give me hope

to carry on

You light up my days

And fill my nights with song

This week you turned 5, and I wonder where you will be in another 5 years. I pray it is still singing your songs of worship to Your King, as you are His princess. I pray that you are bringing laughter and joy, lighting up others around you with your tenderness and compassion.

I pray that you will bring hope as you help and serve with joy.

You light up my life with joy, and I wouldn’t have things any other way. Happy birthday, Princess Keekers!

Princess Keekers


Five Minute Friday