There have been a LOT of babies born in the past month! It’s so thrilling to welcome that new little one after 9 long months of waiting and anticipation. But then there’s the matter of what on EARTH do I wear NOW?!

Thanks to some of my friends for their input into this post – it’s something that I’m starting to need to think about, with only 6 weeks of pregnancy left! In honour of my newly post-partum mommas, and the ones who will be in the near future, here are my Top Ten Things to Wear Post Maternity.

1. Maternity jeans. Yes, I know you’ve been wearing them for 9 months. But the ones with the under-belly band are CREATED for post-maternity (I never could wear them past the 7th month as they cut into my belly too much :D). Wear them, and wear them proud! You’ll be much more comfortable.

2. Reitmans Comfort fit jeans. Once you’ve lost the fluids and “extras” around your belly area, you’ll be glad you have these jeans! I bought 3 pairs last pregnancy, and they are FANTASTIC. They have lots of stretch, a high waist to help hide the diastasis recti, and on top of that you fit one size smaller than normal (so that makes us feel even better, wink, wink!)

3. Shapewear. You don’t have to buy the expensive stuff (because it won’t fit for long anyway!), just something to help hold everything in and in place so you’re not as subconscious. And give yourself a break, you’re a new momma! Costco has some great options available for, ahem, tops and bottoms, as well as Target, which carries Assets (the less-expensive sister line to Spanx) :D

4. Cardigans. Again, a lifesaver through pregnancy AND post-maternity. Stay away from buttons and just go with zippers or open-face ones. Quick and easy nursing access as well as modesty and comfort for transitioning bodies :0) My sister-in-law told me about these shirts from Marks Work Warehouse that button down from the top – quick, easy, modest access for nursing! I bought two, and we’ve proclaimed them the ultimate nursing top :D

 5. Comfortable footwear. You may think you were moving around a lot when you were pregnant, but now that you have a little one in your arms, you’ll be even more active!  Spend a little more to ensure you have comfortable footwear for you to be on your feet and moving while recovering – but also make sure you put those feet up!

6. Button-down shirts. And no, you’re not allowed to wear your husband’s shirts this time! :D

7. Nursing tank tops. You won’t be sorry you invested in some! If you’re in Canada, you don’t have many options, though Motherhood has great prices. In the US Target also great selection and prices and their Gilligan and O’Malley tops are fantastic!

My absolute FAVOURITE though (and a new discovery!) are these Undercover Mama tanks. They attach to your nursing bra and the quality and price are perfect! PLUS they have great shipping rates to the US AND Canada!

undercover mama

8. Yoga pants. These are an essential for pregnancy as well, especially those last few weeks (or months!). I REALLY like the Lululemon Groove for a basic pant, or the Still pants (with a fold-down wasitband). But I also have a few pairs from Costco (LOVE COSTCO! :D) that are WAY cheaper and have served me just as well.

9. Wrap dresses and a-line or high waist skirts. If you made this skirt during pregnancy, it will be PERFECT for after! And don’t be afraid of the nursing dresses! A lot of them are quite gorgeous! Figure 8 Maternity has a great selection of dresses and other clothing that LOOK NICE and fit well!

10. While this isn’t clothing, if you have diastasis recti, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Mutu System. I had DR with my last two pregnancies, and also with this one, and it is the ONLY thing that restored my ab wall and muscles back to “almost” normal.


For further into post-partum, here’s a GREAT post by Simple Mom about managing your wardrobe post baby!

What are your favourite items for a post-maternity wardrobe?

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