I had an idea for this post from the beginning, but forgot about it until a friend brought it up again the other day.

Sometimes we buy maternity clothes that look good on models, but they turn out looking like tents for some reason or another. Or we have sweaters and shirts that stretch out and lose their shape. There’s no need to scrap them and mourn the lost $$ – rather, turn that tent into a nicely fitting top – with a belt!

See how the shirt just hangs without really looking like I’m pregnant, just tent-y?

Add the belt and voila! You have a shape!

I add belts to LOTS of my outfits because I find that as my shape changes further along, those shirts want to just stretch out funny. I don’t have a long torso, so I need a little something to define my, ahem, waist. Or what’s left of it. Belts are a fantastic way to go, pregnant or not, to bring definition to your waist – and you don’t have to be skinny either (because I sure am not)! Just play around with different belt sizes and where to position them to find what works best for you.


This second challenge started out as a bit of a joke. Had I had more time I probably would have gone to Value Village and picked out a different shirt with not so baggy arms. But I rose to the challenge and I think it looks at least half-decent. A bit more effort and it could look even cooler :D

Grab a dress shirt from your hubby’s closet. Put it on and button up. Lovely eh :D

 Roll up those sleeves to about elbow length (don’t push them up, they’ll just bunch and look weird). 

Add a belt, and there you have it, a quick, easy and cheap outfit from your hubby’s closet!