I am here at the Allume conference, hearing voices all around me fade into silence as we type our hearts out on here.

le=”Five Minute Friday”>Five Minute Friday

Why am I here? What does my voice have to add? I am not sure, but THAT is why I am here – to listen to God’s voice, to discern what HE has for me.

I have struggled for a long time with this blog. Not knowing what direction to take, how to communicate, what to communicate. Recently, in the past two weeks, I have finally come to a place of giving up this place to God. I know I’ve said it before, but never have I truly been ready to place this in his hands.

In these five minutes I have to share, I want to encourage you to listen to his voice, to be ready to hand over whatever is taking over your heart. For me, it has been writing here. I am seeking him, listening intently, to hear him, and to do as he asks from me. If he wants me to walk, I will walk. If he wants my voice to be heard, then he will make it so.

My voice needs to hush. All other sounds need to take the back seat.