We love the summer time. Sunny weather, warm breezes, popsicles and freezies, hamburgers and evening walks. Some of our favourite summertime activities are really simple too – yes, we like to plan fun outings and adventures and try to add some new things every year…but there are always the good, old, simple fun fall-backs for the days we’re doing school or just want to keep things, well, simple!

Summertime doesn’t have to be jam packed with activities – going here, there and everywhere. Just make the things you do with your kids count for the most! We love going to the park down the street – walking or riding bikes gives us great exercise. When we’re there, there’s a big field to play soccer or baseball in.

The playground equipment has everything the kids could want –

climbing wall and monkey bars,

swings and spinners,

and of course, slides!

Well, maybe it could use a ramp to race up and down instead of the slide :D

Then there’s always bike races, riding up and down the little hills and just making fun wherever we go.

If you don’t have a park nearby, find one that you can easily drive to, pack a picnic, and make some fun summertime memories with your kids. Just remember to GET INVOLVED! Don’t let them have all the fun playing around :0) Sneak in a water gun and launch a surprise attack when they’re least expecting it.

Don’t forget to bring a snack and water –

And maybe an umbrella in case it rains :D

What do you like to do for cheap, easy, simple summer fun?

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