I have been absolutely HORRID at taking pictures lately. Partly because it’s been so hot and humid the last thing I’ve wanted to take places with us is our camera. Partly because we’ve spent some time at splash pads and I don’t want the camera to get wet or stolen. And partly because we just haven’t actually gotten OUT to do a lot of things lately.


I did however manage to talk hubby into doing my 15 week shots for baby – before we rolled over into 16 weeks, haha. Things are progressing fairly well – the nausea is start to relinquish it’s hold a little more often than not, though most dinners are out of the question (unless someone else is cooking). Monday night we had the privilege of attending my hubby’s brother’s grade 12 graduation dinner with their homeschool group at a Thai restaurant – I haven’t been able to eat like that for WEEKS! Oh the difference someone else’s cooking makes.

That’s my father-in-law making silly gestures behind my head. Yes, he’s a jokester.

Tuesday I heard the baby’s heartbeat – FINALLY! The first appointment with my midwife was nada, too early, though I was hopeful, since we heard Keeker’s between 10 and 11 weeks. She even had a hard time getting it this time, but she thinks that the placenta is on top and blocking a lot of the baby. We’re booking in for an ultrasound around 18-19 weeks – hoping to talk my hubby into finding out what we’re having between now and then :D

Every picture I’ve looked at of other mommas at 15 weeks with bellies that compare to mine are carrying twins – hmm…not sure what to think :D I thought I was big with #3! Perhaps this one is just a showoff.

We’re celebrating Father’s Day with my hubby’s family tomorrow – hopefully, if the rain holds off, we’ll have some great pics to share of all the fun games we have planned for the kiddos.

I am so grateful for the man that God has blessed me with to be my husband, and the father of my children.

He is a godly, caring, attentive and involved daddy, who is willing to do what it takes to connect with his children, lead them, and point them to Christ. Thank you for taking the time to love them, understand their hearts and just have fun.

Thank you for loving me and looking after all of my needs. And thank you for being so dedicated to the Lord, and to us. We love you! Happy Father’s Day!