We had a fan-tas-tic Father’s Day weekend y’all! Yes, that was very American of me, but I couldn’t help it. Sounds so much better than “everyone” or “you all”. So shoot me, eh :D

Saturday we took the kids to their very first baseball game! Ever! I was so excited, it was Jr. Jays Saturday, so there were activities set up throughout the Rogers Centre – which was a LIFESAVER because we had 4 kids 7 and under, as we met our friends there with their two year old daughter.

The day was beautiful, the dome was open, and we stayed in the shade for a good half of the game. I retreated about 3/4 of the way through into the halls with JJ and Keekers as they were absolutely FRYING, but we caught the last of the game on the screens.

Normally major league baseball gets pretty boring – I grew up playing “little league” for 13 years, and oh how I miss it! It was a thrill to explain it to The Boy and see him kinda understand how the game works.

Thanks to a home run hit from Encarnacion, some other great hits and plays by the Blue Jays, and a few fumbles and mis-throws by the Phillies, the game was quite exciting! To top it off, the Jays won! Woot!

Father’s Day I had some little kitchen helpers make daddy breakfast in bed.

We worked great as a team and everyone had a job to do!  Although some did more eating than their job required ;0)

They were so proud bringing it to their daddy :0)

We followed up on a pinterest idea to do a “D-A-D” picture for my hubby to have on his desk at work, and he loved it! Turns out he wasn’t the only husband at church whose wife had the same idea pinned though, lol :0)

We had thought about going out for lunch but realized we wouldn’t have time before we would need to be at hubby’s parents, so we packed up and headed over for some family fun. Each family had prepared an indoor/outdoor game or activity for the kids to do – ours was a relay race involving a fish pond, foam baseballs thrown onto a floating frisbee, shooting a ball across a board with a water gun, and balloon popping.

But with 7 boys 8 and under, then Keekers thrown in there, it was a little more chaos than game.

The uncles put together a water balloon toss, which quickly turned into a water balloon fight (what do you expect with 10 boys in their twenties and under? :D),

which turned into all the kids soaked, but mostly having fun.


All in all it was a great afternoon of fun, the rain came down for only a few minutes, but the kids were already soaked, so it didn’t really make a difference.

How was your Father’s Day weekend? What ways were you able to bless the dads in your life?

And before I forget, we have a winner for the We Choose Virtues Giveaway! And the winner is…..

Crystal Dewart!

Congratulations! I’ll be e-mailing you to get you your prize!


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