Last October, I made cupcakes for Tim’s family quarterly birthday party. Due to the large number of family members (and they’ve only just begun to add to the group!) we celebrate birthdays by season. Unfortunately, one of the birthday boys was unable to make it, but don’t worry, we saved him some cupcakes :D

I wanted to make something I hadn’t tackled yet and asked around amongst the birthday-ers for some suggestions. Well, they were pretty much no help because anything I suggested they were agreeable to. Ha ha! So I had to go ahead and decide for myself. And decide I did! We had peaches and cream, cookies and cream and s’mores cupcakes. 

As you can expect with making that many different cupcakes, the endeavor was not without its surprises. Both good and bad. Peaches and cream turned into apricot and cream (due to the fact that one of the boys switched out the peach jam for apricot jam at the grocery store – and hey, if you can’t read, peaches and apricots look EXACTLY THE SAME on a jar! But it tasted almost exactly the same, so SCORE!). I mixed up the cupcake base for the cookies and cream, so it had some added graham cracker crumbs in the bottom. And the s’mores cupcakes? Well, they were ALMOST a disaster. Let’s just say that since I couldn’t find the butane for our hand-held torch, I ended up using the broiler, and that didn’t go over so well. Actually, it did go over well – the icing MELTED ALL OVER THE CUPCAKES! I wish I had taken a picture, but I was panicking at 12:00 in the morning on Sunday and so did not think to do so.

Anyhow, enjoy the recipes and photos and happy cupcaking!