Pampered Bride Shower

I’m sooooooo behind on my posts and pictures! Back in June we hosted a Pampered Bride (Pampered Chef) shower for my sister, and now she’s getting married in 2 weeks! 10 years ago my mom got a bunch of  Pampered Chef orders together, and gifted me with a lot of fantastic kitchen products. We use them weekly, if not daily! Love their baking stones, measuring cups, juice jug, garlic press and micro plane zester (it literally turns parmesan and lemon rind into such light flakes, it’s like snow!). Knowing how much of a blessing the Pampered Chef is to our home, I wanted to do the same for my sister.

Pampered Chef Laura

My friend Laura is a Pampered Chef consultant and was our lovely host, and her mom offered us the use of her GORGEOUS home.

food table

Auntie M and Keekers

Keekers is a flower girl in the wedding so she came too!

Registry wall

Laura had a brilliant idea to print the pictures of the gift registry items, laminate them, and put them on display for guests to pick from over the course of the party. Who doesn’t love a good visual?!

waiting instructions

Instead of a guest book, we bought a white chef’s hat for each guest to sign. The groom-to-be was a good sport and wore it during the presentation. Which is something else to mention here – how many grooms-to-be do you see at a bridal shower?! Not many! But this is the perfect type of party for him to attend and maybe meet some friends of the bride and family he’s never met before.

Chef J

 Besides that, he’s going to learn about some amazing household products and how to use them. And cook. Score all around!

bride and groom

Here’s the bride and groom working together to make the most delicious pizza you’ve ever tasted. One of them had apple slices and cheese, the other was a chicken mixture. Topped with cheese of course. So yummy!

yummy pizzas

I went with a kitchen theme for the cupcakes.

kitchen theme cupcakes

The circles were made of gum paste, as well as the rolling pins and oven mitts. Cupcake flavour was chocolate with lemon swiss meringue buttercream – my new favourite!

cupcakes and cookies

All these cute sugar cookies have really been catching my attention lately. Over the summer I’ve had some time to learn and experiment with making them with flooded icing, and it really isn’t that difficult!

Start by making a batch of your favourite sugar cookies (mine are these lemon sugar ones!).

Once cooled, make a batch of royal icing. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a fine tip and outline the cookie.

outline cookies

Let dry for about 15 minutes to half an hour. Thin your icing to a liquid consistency, add colouring if desired, then flood the cookie.

flooded cookie


Let dry overnight and decorate!

sugar cookies

I used white icing for the tea pots, flooded the cookies and let them dry. Then I used the remaining thickened royal icing and did designs on the pots in white. Once that dried I painted them with some glitter dust mixed with a tiny bit of lemon juice. It worked beautifully! I also made some very small rolled fondant roses as accents.

apron cookies

For the aprons, I outlined the cookies, then flooded the middle. Once dried I used the white icing from the tea pots and added the details to the aprons. Super easy and fun, not the most perfect, but the point got across I think :D

bride and groom

Here’s to the bride and groom! Just 2 more weeks to go! We can’t wait :0)