Sometimes all you can think about is the work. How much work it is to stay on top of the laundry.

How much work it is to meal plan and try to prepare healthy food for your family. Or just any food for that matter.

making work

How much work it is to discipline and disciple your children. To train them up in the way they should go. To teach them new and important skills.

kids in the kitchen

The work is never ending. And often thankless. And sometimes we make more work for ourselves when we don’t have to.

life is messy

But in the making of more work for ourselves, we are also making memories. Teaching important skills. Providing opportunities for our children to grow, to stretch their muscles and try something new.

To be excited to work and help, being a part of this team we call our family, in whatever way they are able.

crushing tomatoes

So we make sauce. We don’t do it just for the savings, or the health benefits and delicious flavour (though those are certainly added benefits and good reasons to do it!).

tomato sauce

We do it for what goes on underneath the surface. For the moments of listening to audio books together, building camaraderie; the conversations exchanged between a mother and her son in the scarce quiet while the others are out as we busily work; the nurturing of relationship and responsibility; the joy of serving as each child contributes of their own desire in some way.

we make sauce

Whether it be mundane, extra, unnecessary or essential, the work is worth it when you think about the results of what you don’t see.

finished sauce

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