I had visions of grandeur for our first day of school. We’d have a special breakfast, I’d have some fun intro to the first year worksheets ready for each child, we’d start off casually with a few subjects to get a feel for the schedule, and end the day with some fun and games.

Well, none of that happened. On Sunday I managed to strain my neck/shoulder area, so I’ve been almost completely unable to move my neck. Which means that my holiday Monday that was going to be spent finalizing our schedules and printing off stuff was instead spent at the walk-in and trying to rest.

So today’s first day of school was NOTHING like what I had planned. And this week is probably going to be spent in a good deal of recovery and just trying to keep the house in order. We will practice some of our daily earlier routine and get some book work done, but I foresee a lot of reading and osmosis learning happening.

And that’s ok! I saw this picture on facebook and had to laugh and share it with you. It pretty much sums up how this week is going!

keep calm

We did get around to our first day of school photos and interview. The kids wanted to do a serious and funny photo. This totally shows their personalities loud and clear!

The Boy - 4th Grade

The Boy – 4th grade!

The Boy - power ranger

One thing he wants to do this year – have a snowball fight.

JJ - 2nd Grade

JJ – 2nd grade!

JJ sitting?!

He wanted to sit for his silly photo. Which is silly because this boy almost NEVER sits still! :D

One thing JJ wants to do this year – pick pumpkins.

Keekers - Kindergarten

Keekers – Kindergarten!

Keekers silly

One thing Keekers wants to do this year – activities and see animals and mountains.

Miss E was such a good girl today, she’s out of our room and sleeping with Keekers, and sleeping MUCH better at night! She wanted in on our shots too :0)

Miss E

How did your first day of school go? Did it go as planned or did you have to keep calm and pretend its on the lesson plan? ;0)