See these 3 smiling faces?

They’re going to be smiling even bigger when they see the surprise their mama has for them on December 1st. Because I’m not much of a crafting-with-my-kids kind of mom – I prefer to save those kinds of things for Sunday School, Awana, homeschool co-op, and VERY special occasions.

But for the whole first 24 days of December, I’m making an exception, and EVERY day will be a very special occasion.

Why you might ask? Because we’re going to be celebrating the coming of our Saviour Jesus with the talented and wise Amanda White from Impress Your Kids , who has written an amazing e-book called “Truth in the Tinsel”.

And it is jam packed full of fun AND meaningful things for you to do as we lead into the celebration of our Saviour’s birth.

Each day begins with a scripture reading, which you can easily tie into family traditions you may already have in place. And you can even use it as an advent calendar. We will be putting the daily readings into the boxes of this one I made last year.

Then you have instructions for a simple, but fun ornament you can make together, and while you’re making it, some great discussion topics. And if that isn’t enough (because it will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, start to finish), Amanda also has some great “go further” ideas and options to offer.

For some reason, this year has really hit home how important it is for my children to understand the REAL reason for the season. I would go so far as to forego Christmas gifts completely if I could get them to understand what Christ has done for us and the generous and giving spirits we need to have! But, I think something like this will be much more meaningful and will help them to solidify in their own minds just why we are celebrating this whole deal anyway.

I’m sure you too are in much the same place! And because Amanda is so generous, she has offered a FREE COPY of the e-book to one person on my blog! So start commenting, right now, to be entered in the draw. I’ll be drawing on Friday at 4 pm (yes, I know that’s already into December, but you can get your craft lists and most of the supplies you will already have on hand, even if you’re not a “crafty mama”) for the winner.

I want to hear what is most important to you that your children learn this Christmas season. For me, it is that they understand that this Jesus they know so well from the gospels, gave up a heavenly throne, and came and humbled himself as an infant child, so that God’s plan that had been set in motion from the very beginning of time, would be fulfilled.


You will love this opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word with your children, exploring God’s plan from the beginning for His Son to come as a baby and be the Saviour of the World. With hearts full of love and joy, you will never forget this time spent with your children!

Enter away! Happy Adventing!