I am thoroughly enjoying doing this fantastic advent study with my kids! But I am reminded daily of how little patience I have for kids and crafts. After a huge revelation this morning and a shift in focus, I am praying that God would help me to soften, grow in grace, relax and allow my children to really get into these, mess and all, to experience more of the wonder of Christ’s birth.

We made Mary’s song, and I tried singing “Holy Is His Name” by John Michael Talbot (MUST LISTEN!) version for the kids while they were making the CDs. If you’ve never heard it, you must, it is beautiful.

However, our tree fell over and smashed the CDs, so no picture :0(

Here is one of the suns we made for Jesus being light of the world – red, we didn’t have any yellow or orange.

We tackled Joseph, and put him and Mary together, but we skipped Joseph’s pillow.

We modified the name of Jesus collage and instead coloured in the black and white version of Bible Story Printables’ “Names of Jesus ornaments” to make a garland. Well, we ran out of laminating sheets, so they still sit somewhere (I’ve managed to lose them in a pile, doink), unlaminated and uncut. Maybe next year?

We skipped the census day and tackled Bethlehem and the stable on the same day. Whirlwind crafting, the kids are loving it and mommy is FINALLY surrendering to being taught grace and patience through these times together.

How about you? How are things going with your preparations for Christmas day? Are you doing Advent activities?