There are so many things I am thankful for this week.

For our small group which we had over on Tuesday night for a Christmas party. We love them all so much and are constantly blessed and challenged by them as they allow u to lead and as they encourage us.

For my husband’s job and his hard work which allows me to stay home with the kids and homeschool them.

For so much curriculum and resources at our fingertips – too much! – and great reviews and experience from great bloggers who offer their expertise and help for how to pull it all together.

For our homeschool group and the moms who pull together great outings like our nature hike where we looked for animal tracks and got to feed chickadees out of our hands.

For God’s grace to me when I fail miserably, and the opportunity to try again.

For the prayers of the righteous saints coming to the aid of those in desperate circumstances.

For health.

For his love come down in the form of his one and only Son, Jesus Christ.

Reaching again for joy when life threatens to overwhelm me.

11. A handy husband who builds me shelves for organizing.

12. Red roses from my love.

13. Crisp, juicy, red apples.

14. Opportunities to teach our children God’s word.

15. Time change back (this was a little while ago :D)

16. Early morning walks, time spent in prayer.

17. Warm mittens on a cool morning.

18. A hot cup of coffee.

19. A hot shower to wake up!

20. Worship songs in the morning.

21. Time early in the morning for reading God’s word and prayer.

22. Children who have to be woken up in the morning :D

23. Fruit in the basket on the table.

24. Leaves frosted on the ground.

25. Streaks of pink clouds across an early morning blue sky.

26. Children who sleep enough so I can spend time with God in the morning.

27. Road trips!

28. Restored health! Praise God!

29. My nice, warm, comfy bed.

30. Husbands who stay home from work so I can rest and get well while sick.