A friend of mine inadvertently challenged me to try and stretch my normal wardrobe to fit with my growing pregnant body. Maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE! Pants are one thing I can never avoid having to buy, but they tend to last through a few good pregnancies at least, so I’m ok with that investment. Shirts, on the other hand, go out of style and shape RATHER quickly in the maternity world. And, if you have a limited budget, you may not have the flexibility of “updating” your wardrobe each season or pregnancy.

So what’s a pregnant momma to do? Well, this week I’ll be spending some time with some tips I’ve learned on how to stretch your regular wardrobe into maternity. Granted, usually by the last two months you haven’t much choice but to go with maternity shirts, simply for a better fit and coverage – but you can most DEFINITELY get away with non-maternity for at LEAST 7-8 months :D

Let’s start with shirts. Buy some basic tops and T’s, long or short-sleeve, on sale hopefully, but definitely a good price. They don’t have to be fancy, because you can dress them up with jewelry, scarves, belts, etc. If you’re buying early on in your pregnancy, buy a size or two bigger so it will last you for a while. A lot of shirts are long nowadays, so I can still squeak getting away with a large t-shirt – some more fitted ones I would need to go to XL.

Though I had a good-size bump at week 13, I could still fit my regular jeans and a medium t-shirt! I’m pretty sure this was the last week though :D

Buying long, thin, tunic-top sweaters are fantastic because they’re usually just the right amount of stretch to incorporate a belly – right up to 9 months! – without the bulk of a heavier sweater. Typically I am cold when pregnant, but this time I’m always a furnace, so being able to add or take away a layer is very helpful.

Regular t-shirts aren’t as fitted for a baby bump, so add a belt to give definition to your belly – I think it looks really cute!

Come on back tomorrow to find out some more ways to stretch your regular wardrobe and budget for fall maternity wear!