Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from the not-quite-frozen-but-definitely-getting-very-cold North! We enjoyed a fantastic time at the cottage over the weekend with my parents, sisters, brother and grandparents – what a blessing to have a place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be near a lake, surrounded by trees and silence (other than kids screaming in laughter :D) and loved ones.

We are truly, amazingly blessed!

Some things I am thankful for (continuing in my 1000 Gifts Journey):

3 Things Orange

526. Oranges!

527. Orange shirts

528. Pumpkins


3 Gifts Falling

529. Changed leaves to the ground

530. Water freely falling from our taps (easily taken for granted!)

531. My desire for ME as my desire for HIM grows.


A Gift Caught, Let Go, Mid-Way

532. Fall decorating bug – caught!

533. Needing to get everything checked off our schedule – let go

534. Sick break during school


3 Gifts Reaped

535. Pumpkins for our co-op lesson

536. Excitement from kids wanting to help in the kitchen

537. Wisdom and strength from God’s word


3 Gifts Returned

538. Library books we can use

539. A love between great-grandparents and grandchildren





540. Another trip to the cottage for Thanksgiving


3 Gifts Redeemed

541. Sunlight streaming through dying leaves

542. Cool mornings with coffee

543. Phone dying and limited reception during family vacation


A Gift Baked, Stirred, Eaten

544. Mom’s apple pie

545. Cream into coffee

546. Turkey dinner with family (and another one tonight!)


3 Gifts Prayed For

547. Healing in sick bodies

548. Healing in broken hearts

549. God’s provision and grace


550. I am thankful that even if I don’t know or can’t explain where God is in a circumstance, HE knows EXACTLY where we are and what He is doing (Job 23:8-12)

 Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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